2018 Spring April 19 Thursday

45 degrees this morning, 34:18 minute walk

Certainly felt like 45 degrees this morning.  Hard time deciding how to dress for the walk, fortunately guessed about right.  After having 80 degree weather, it seemed cold.

Pace was six seconds faster than my goal.  While it has been relatively minor, I am glad to see the momentum move from slower than my goal to faster than my goal.  Hopefully this summer I can make the goal a little faster.

Today marks April 19, the bombing of the Murrah Building.  I can still remember the shock at the first slight of the damage from a helicopter, and the faces of the fire and police when they returned from responding to the disaster.  

April 19, 1995, the time has passed fast and a lot has changed since then.  It still seems somewhat of a dream.

The Movie Pass (pay $9.95 per month for one movie per day) actually works very well.  It probably is worth it in the sense that you see movies you might not go to otherwise, since if they are bad, you can always walk out and not really lose anything.  

Actually, we are still behind, but it only takes two movies per month to come out ahead on it.   Now that we know how simple it is, we will go more.  I already have 3 movies I want to see.  

For years, we always planned on going to movies, but rarely got ‘a round tu it’ probably seeing a movie every few years.  

I’m not quite sure how the Move Pass company will make out, but they might have enough who don’t go to make out, or I expect they expect eventually to become partners with theatre’s In some way.  Or maybe they can sell the data to make money. 

Another strong dream.  Whey they are strong enough, I try to write them down and somewhat analyze them:


Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Dreamed was in Washington DC.  Aliene was attending a meeting.

I had dinner someplace in DC and came out and found it had snowed while I was in the restaurant, an unexpected snow.   There was snow and ice on he streets

Drove back to the hotel, even though wasn’t sure where it was.  Debated taking Uber car and then realized I had our car there.

Drove easily and found hotel, although  somehow my car morphed from driving a car to taking a shuttle to the hotel.

I was sitting at a table with a bunch of people when I realized I had lost one of my phones .  It wasn’t an iPhone, it was one of the old flip phones.

I slid from under the table and started walking to my room

For some reason I met Aliene with an Attorney.  I had my shirt partially off (for some reason) and the attorney said there was an investigation and she would “talk to me later”.   (Watching too much “Sopranos” I guess!)

I was more concerned about my lost cell hone than I was that.  I thought about calling the restaurant when I woke up and realizedI didn’t even have  flip phone any more and my  other iPhone was on the charger.  

Very realistic dream. 

Another day without any meat.  As I approach two months without meat, I don’t know what  will happen, but today will continue to be a day without meat.

That’s it for now, Thursday, April 19, 2018.

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