2018 Spring Apr 20, Friday

I have to agree with the statement that “these are the times that try our souls” in regard to the weather.  (Also with apologies to Thomas Paine!).  

The continuing cool weather into April and even May is always frustrating as I wait for Summer to arrive.  I have found that normally  the weather is erratic until mid May when Summer finally arrives.  

Actually we have found that true Summer (with the sweltering hot weather) seems to arrive at the same time as the CMA Fest, which is primarily an outside event, so we feel the hot weather.  Not that we are complaining! 

I am looking forward to sitting out on the back patio again this summer.

Pace was 31 seconds below my goal which is one of the best times ever, info the best time.

The Apple Watch is upholding my experience with Apple products having especially strange batteries.   

My Apple watch uses about 35% of the battery each day,  even with fairly active use.  So far I am recharging my watch every day, but I am thinking of going to every other day.  It should easily go two days.

So far, my 11 year old shuffles and 10 year old iPod batteries are doing fine.  

I heard a song yesterday which expresses how time goes so fast “Don’t Blink”.  I had heard it before, but it really hit the point yesterday.

Glad it is Friday, except that than the weekend is over before  I know it!  

Thinking about my “hot wheels” collection, I need to resume documenting my collection on a regular basis.  Part of the problem is I haven’t  really found a good way of taking good pictures of the cars.  

I need accept the fact that I am doing a documentation project, not an art project!  I am not especially pleased with my pictures but I need to go ahead and document my collection.

Unlike my Hot Wheels collection, which I intent to keep, I am also going to document my “hats” and “t-shirts” with the goal of weeding a lot of them.  I wanted to take pictures because so many of my hats and t shirts are an remembrance of an event or time in my life.  

April 20 marks two months without meat.  (Actually my last “meat” was fish.)  Right now, I have no plans to resume eating meat, although the problem is so many of the       alternates are high n carbs.  But, I will not eat meat today as I start  my third month as  a vegetarian 

That’s it fo now, Friday, April 20, 2018. 


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