2018 Spring April 21 Saturday

2018 Spring April 21 Saturday

53 degrees this morning, no walk (rain)

Light rain this money, turning heavier.  

Probably will finish watching “The Sopranos” this week.  I don’t know how long I have been watching them on a sporadic basis (normally about 1/2 hour and occasionally an hour at a time).  

In a way, the characters were almost too normal in many ways, which made the casual and unrepentant violence etc even worse in a way.

I have avoided checking on the ending.  I believe I am on the last epidote now and I will soon find out how it ended.  Whether I choose to accept the ending is another thing!  

That is the interesting  aspect of fiction, you can refuse to accept it as fact, something I can’t do in “real life”, whatever that may be.

Actually in “real life” you can refuse to accept facts or reality, it just isn’t very smart (or maybe sane)  to do so.  

I thought it might be the end of the series several episodes ago, they were all at a Christmas party.  I thought that would be a good time to end it, and let the viewer decide how it continues or ends.

Actually no matter how they end it, in my mind, I assume the saga will continue as many of the characters continue their lives, I just won’t be a party too it.  

Another dream that was strong enough I wrote it down.  If it sounds disjointed, aha is the way it was. 

Friday, April 20, 2018]

Dream at a meeting in this city (where I live now) at the college.

I dreamed it was a meeting, probably about water and sewer.

For some reason I met a City Manager I worked for on my first City Job. I just said hello to him and didn’t ask him what he was doing here (he is long  retired). 

It was a meeting divided into three topics, but it wasn’t really described as to how to decide which one to attend or what each meeting was about.  

I finally just went in and set down on a sofa type chair to listen to the meeting

At first I was surprised to learn I was wearing one walking shoe and one dress shoe.  I was concerning I was going to need to go home, but then suddenly I was wearing 2 shoes of one type

Later I was walking around in shorts (old walking shorts at that and in my socks. without any shoes  I was thinking I had takenmy shoes off someplace.

I snuck into the meeting and realized it was meaningless, I couldn’t  understand what they were saying.  

They came by to say lunch was being served.  Someone passed me some kind of alcohol (I don’t drink alcoholic drinks).  For some reason I tried to put it in another bottle and I spilled it and realized I was going to stink like alcohol.  

Lunch was sandwiches,  I woke up before I learned what type.  Everyone just kind  of lunged for lunch.  

Than I woke up.

Another day without meat.  I may need to start eating meat again so I don’t eat so many carbs, but that decision is for another day.  Today, I will eat no meat.

That’s it for now,  Saturday, April 21, 2018.

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