2018 Spring April 22 Sunday

45 degrees this morning, no walk (rain and wind)

Rained all day yesterday,  wet this morning, some sprinkles, windy.   

Have gone to the gym the last two days and “stationary bicycled”, which gives me some exercise plus I am preparing for returning to regular bicycling.  

We have had some bad experiences with AAA and I really intended to not renew our membership, but decided to when I couldn’t find another emergency response for bicycles.

Of course, they may try to weasel out of it like AAA did last fall in a rental car I had that said to “check the radiator”.  The AAA representative was very rude and unhealed and haughtily advised “AAA doesn’t do liquids”, which is a limitation I didn’t see in their “benefits” page.  

Today is “Earth Day’.  While I support the goals of “Earth Day”, somehow the idea of an “Earth Day” has never really resonated in me.  Of course, now, more than ever, with the attack on the environment by the EPA, we need to support the goals of Earth Day.  

While I like the new system of recycling (single source, where everything goes in a 95 gallon bin), we always never have room for all our recycling since pickup is only very other week.  

It is a lot better than the old system of the small “blue bin” that always blew trash in the area, so I’m not complaining, but we do have a lot of recycling waiting with the every other week pickup (cardboard, news papers, shredded junk mail and office papers I need to shred etc.)  

Yesterday I found the extended warranty for my “original iPod”.  I expired in 12-6-2007, which means I bought in in 12-6-2006, so it is 11 1/2  years old and still has a strong battery!  Of course it is obsolete for many things, but I still use it for music occasionally and it still works great.  

During my same “weeding” exercise, I found a letter my Mom wrote to my Uncle John in February of 1946, when he apparently was still overseas waiting to be discharged.  My Mom mentioned that the brother and sister were “standing on the chair eating the breakfast they had refused earlier” and she had “taken the peanut butter away from them”. 

The problem with “weeding” is you find so many interesting things!  Some things, regardless of the “value”, I simply can’t throw away.  However each time I go through something I always find something to give away or throw away or sell.  

Of course, when you do save something as a “we might need it someday”, when it comes time to “need it” we can’t find it!  

We have carried some “bungee cords” around for years and, when we need them, of course we can’t find them (until we buy some more!).  I still feel we may have loaned them to someone, but we are going to buy some more today, so I expect we will either find them or have them returned!  

Starting on my third month without eating meat.  Soon I will make this a weekly update (although I will announce when I start eating meat again), but today won’t be the day as I will not eat meat today.

That’s it for now, Sunday, April 22, 2018.  

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