2018 Spring April 23 Monday

45 degrees this morning. No walk

Didn’t walk this morning, scheduled for a medical test. I’m not supposed to eat or drink six hours before the test, which makes it difficult to exercise.

Just saw a quote that said, “when you can’t achieve the goals, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps”.  Attributed to Confucius.  

I’m not real sure if I agree with this quote.  I feel it depends on a review of your goals to determine if the goals are truly your goals.  

If the goals are unrealistic and maybe not achievable, it would be better to adjust the goals, and maybe even the procedure used fo setting your goals.   

Also, you would need to review the goals to make sure they are actually your goals, and not someone else’s goals, etc.  

One of the places I regret missing on our trip to China was a house/place dedicated to Confucius.  When we go back, I will make it a point to go there.

Thinking of goals and how they change over the years.  Certainly my career goals have changed, as well as my budgeting and saving goals.  

I’m not quite sure when my career goals changed, I think when I quit looking for another “better” job when I had a job for several years and ended up accepting that the job I had was one I enjoyed.  I think I realized a good career job was having one you enjoyed.  

Of course, when we moved about 4 years ago, my career goals changed also.  You could say they became more limited, but you could also could say they became more expanded, just limited as far as geography.  

A rather weird dream, from Saturday.

Saturday, April 21, 2o018

Dreamed I was in some kind of craft show, primarily for or at least there were a lot of City Managers there.  

The ‘crafts” are hard to explain.  There were things you could eat in unusual shapes or things you couldn’t eat.  (For example there was a square like a box that was eatable, a cake you couldn’t eat made out of wood etc.)

It was hard to tell what was a ‘“freebee” and what was nat and was an item their as a demonstration and not free.   

Since I am not a craft person, I’m not sure what I was there for.  

Something big was happening at 2:00 p.m. (probably the start of a conference) and I was sitting at a table talking with another City Manager, who may or may not be someone I used to work with.  (The name was the same.)

There was an elaborate doll house that everyone was trying to decide if it was for sale or what.  (I wasn’t interested).  

It was a little after 2:00 p.m. and I said I had to go.. 

Woke up before I found out any more. 

As promised, I will update on my “vegetarian” life style on a weekly rather than a daily basis.  Maybe on Sundays.  Unless I revert back to eating meat, but that won’t be today.  

That’s it for now, Monday April 23, 2018.

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