2018 Spring April 24 Tuesday

53 degrees this morning, walk 34:25 minutes

Not sure about walking this morning, I apparently have a “common cold”, which hopefully means it will be over in 7 days.

Fortunately my walk didn’t affect it at all and may have even made it better.  Still seemed cool for 53 degrees, although the wind wasn’t all that heavy.

A big “harvest moon” this morning, I don’t see that very often on my walk.  Normally it seems such a moon is at moon rise, not moon set.  It could be the smoke from the grass fires is affecting he atmosphere.  

Medical test yesterday was interesting.  I won’t go into detail (it wasn’t anything serious), but it is amazing some the machines they have.  I can’t even imagine what they cost.  

The medical test concerns my GERD, which probably is made worse by eating too much, something I need to really control. 

I actually can remember having a reaction to tomatoes, orange juice etc. when I was in high school that I realize now was GERD or also known as acid reflux or “heartburn”.

I mentioned it to a Doctor after I was well into my 40’s and for the first time I realized there was a solution to it (medicine).  She knew immediately what it was and prescribed an appropriate medicine that helped a lot.  

The medicine had an unfortunate  side effect of lowering my immune system, so I tried to go “cold turkey” and not take the medicine.  I found that carbonated drinks were also a no-no and I haven’t had carbonated drink for over 12 years.  Fat & coffee is also a problem, but coffee is one thing I am not going to stop, at least for this!  

The Doctor switched me to Tagamet, which I still consider a wonder drug.  The Doctor took me off of it about 3 1/2 years ago and I still think it would be good to go back to it.  

Didn’t weight myself this morning.  I have been “watching” my weight by weighing myself every morning.  It was fun watching my weight go down, but when the reverse started, it has been difficult to watch!

I realize I weigh what I weigh, and knowing is much better than not knowing, but….  

I can’t even blame avoiding eating meat, because there are actually plenty of alternatives, although I realize it is difficult to avoid carbs when I don’t eat meat.  Of course, meat brings it’s own carb temptations!  

In a week, it will be May 1 2018.  I still have a hard time realizing it is 2018, but less that the year is 33% over!  Or will be by next Tuesday.  

Of course, the quick passage of time emphasizes that I am not making substantial advances on many of my projects, both my “round tu its” and my permanent projects.

Sometimes an event happens that make me realize the truth in “The World without End is Ending” when they world you know changes suddenly and an entire new world emerges and it is impossible to go back to the old world.

If I wanted to quibble, I could argue that happens ever day, or maybe every moment, but I won’t quibble, I am just considering the true turning  points.  

Nothing like that is expected at this time, but then it never is.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, April 24, 2018.

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