2018 Spring April 25 Wednesday

52 degrees this morning, no walk

Rain this morning, expected to last all morning.  The cold has a special sharpness to it due to the high moisture in the air.  Actually it was sprinkling but stopped and the heavy rain showing on the app went north and the rain that is forecast to last all morning is still coming in.

While I don’t like Winter, sometimes I think the “endless” winter in Spring is almost worse.  There are teasing beautiful days followed by cold temperatures that frankly are miserable. 

Rain makes the “field days” difficult, although I can only remember one “field day” when it rained all day and was miserable due to having the deal with the rain every stop.

Looking at the “iBooks” on the “Pages” Apple App.  It is interesting how easy it now is to publish your own book!  The problem is the time required to do it versus the value of the publish product.  

This may be like my project several years ago, where I produced some programs with original music, pictures etc. in some slide shows.  However after I finished I was glad I had produced the programs, but I didn’t really know what value they were.

Actually, I really enjoyed producing the original music (in the computer with a music board).  I would do more, but limited time is a factor.    

I’m not quite sure what happened to my time, I used to work many more hours per week, weekends, nights etc.  Now I don’t work more than 40 hours per week, but I don’t really make good use of the “extra” time.  

Of course, maybe I am making good use of the “extra” time, it is just a different use of time, not necessarily negative.  

Back to the iBook, it can be a book of works, pictures, music, video etc. which could be interesting.   

My original plans were to incorporate my journals into an “iBook”, with accompanying music and pictures, but I think I will start with just putting my daily notes, along with some current pictures etc. and do a smaller product, maybe one month in my life to start.  

That’s it for now, Wednesday, April 25, 2018

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