2018 Spring April 26 Thursday

42 degrees this morning, no walk.

Didn’t walk primarily due to schedule today but also since I still have a “common cold” that I don’t want to make any worse.

Getting very tired of the cold weather, yesterday was a high or around 55 degrees, plus the wind and moisture made it seem colder, so it was especially miserable.  Rained most of the morning.  

I have been monitoring my Apply Watch Battery.  Since the watch only uses about 27 to 35% of the battery each day, I decided to start charging the battery every other day.  This was after reading that the life of a battery is primarily defined by the number of charges.  

However, my experience is that it really doesn’t make any difference.  For example, I know my current Apple MacBook Air has had over a 1,000 charges and it is fine, and similar experience with other Apple products.  In fact, I have never replaced a battery on an Apple product.  

Of course, I have had similar experiences with other products.  Both my keyboard and my mouse batteries (just regular old disposable AA batteries) have lasted over 3 1/2 years. (and probably will go out today after I mentioned it!)

I really think battery technology is as important as any technology and really think we will be running our houses and businesses off of battery power instead of the current system. 

 I don’t know if they will be charged with solar, wind or even an occasionally truck that “recharges” the battery, but I really feel like that time is coming when the present system will are obsolete.  

That would really change our current system.  

Dwelling on my comments about how it seemed like I had more time when I worked a lot more than I do now.  

I think a lot of it is how I prioritize time and efficiency in setting priorities for projects.  

I lover Holidays, especially when I worked a lot of hours because it was truly a “Holiday”.  Usually you don’t get calls on a Holiday unless it is a true emergency, unlike a vacation ay etc.   However, I had a hard time on Holidays since I wanted to do so much I frequently couldn’t decide what to do!  

I think what I will do is set some priorities on projects on what I want to do and then get those projects done, rather than have a bunch of projects I am continually working on.  

I think approaching some projects in a “bite at a time” approach is good for big projects, but there are a lot of smaller projects that may be better approached from the “get it done now” approach.  

Now if I just can tell which approach is best fro each project!  I also have the “problem” of new projects coming up that demand time, so it is difficult to schedule time.  

That’s it for now, Thursday, April 25, 2018.  

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