2018 Spring April 27 Friday

53 degrees this morning, walk 34:21 minutes

For 53 degrees, it sure seemed cool when I started, although my internal heater started up soon after I started walking.

I think part of it is that I am thinking of 53 degrees in the sun, not 53 degrees in the early morning dark!  

Pace was 18 seconds above my goal.  I actually thought I was walking at a fast pace but apparently not.  

Noted on “Mad Money” where Cramer was touting Dominos Pizza, as usual.  (This came up as a part of a change of leadership).  My experience with Dominos Pizza has always been very negative, but whatever.  I don’t, and won’t ever buy anything from Dominos Pizza from my experience with them from many perspectives.   

I am amazed their stock has gone up so much considering their horrible customer service and public relations.  

It is hard to grasp the attraction to certain “brand names”.  I remember when I was a kid, most of us liked Chevy, but one was strongly Pontiac etc. Of course now I realize they are the same car anyway!  

I have no idea why, as children, we had such strong opinions on a brand of car!  Influence of advertising probably.  

I would probably never buy anything at Home Depot for a number of reasons (stores are hard to access, alway appear to be cluttered etc., as well as the Home Depot leadership), but other people swear by them and wouldn’t buy elsewhere.  Again, whatever their (or my) preference is fine, I will have my opinions and others will have their favorites! 

Although I have commented on it before, it really hit me this week that next week is actually May of 2018!  The year will soon be half over!  

Glad Friday is here, although I know the weekend will also fly by!

Another dream.

Thursday, April 26

Dreamed  I was at some kind of community meeting, like we used to have when we were kids.

A very varied dream, but things I remember include.

My sister made a “Shadow box”, with items, although it basically was a book case with items on it.  One item was a pig with an umbrella.  

We actually have a pig with an umbrella, but it was a pig plastic pig, not one like we have. 

The last part was a Police Officer who had several guns. He gave me pair of weight lifting gloves, he apparently had gotten as a promotional item.  They were made of cloth and I was trying to figure out why they were made of cloth.  

They had a lot of strings on them I was trying to cut off.

I remember a black/dark pickup I was sitting in that apparently was mine (in the dream). I noticed a big dent in the roof and I was wondering when that had happed.  

All I remember from the dream.

That’s it for now, Friday, April 27, 2018.

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