2018 Spring April 28 Saturday

53 degrees this morning, no walk

Decided not to walk due to meeting.  

I finally decided to take action on my beliefs and campaign for a local candidate for State Legislature.  While I have every right to continue complaining/praising without actually getting involved in a campaign, I want to do more if possible.

I generally support the candidate and there is a meeting this morning for volunteering.  While the focus is on “knocking on doors”  (which I don’t see myself doing), there are other  ways of volunteering also.

Of course, like most organizations I expect they will continually be asking for time and money, two things that are generally in short supply!  Which  is probably why they continually ask for it.

Anyway, I wanted to be alert and generally on  Saturday morning I tend to take naps and relax.

Also I wanted to get rid of this “common cold” for good, so I decided to skip the walk.  

I’ll go to the meeting and see what it is all about. In a way, it is good the training is on training on “knocking on doors”.  

I think I feel I know I really can’t make any difference in a national campaign, there is some slight change I can help in a state campaign, especially a local Representative.  

One thing I like about Toastmasters (this is a major change in subject, Toastmasters has nothing to do with politics, in fact we don’t discuss politics!) is that they never ask for additional money (other than nominal dues) and you can spend as much time as you want on the organization.  The more time you contribute, the more goals you will achieve, but it is up to you, at least in the one I belong.

Ever since I was in high school I have thought about getting involved in political campaigns, so I’ll finally see what it is like, or at least I’ll see what the training is.

My major concern is I really don’t have the time, it is just something I feel I should be doing to contribute to change.  

Supposed to be a good weekend.  “Baseball” weather is finally here (I hope), and we have several baseball games scheduled this weekend.  We skipped the game Wednesday (cold) and am going tonight instead.  

We got our HVAC serviced yesterday.  We think we finally found what we wanted, a person who is knowledgable, fair, reasonable in cost, and, best of all, dedicated  to doing a good job, not in just how much he can charge.  

He found a small item (a bad capacitor, whatever that is)  that should have been as clear as the nose on my face  to an HVAC person but at least two other HVAC companies missed it.  One I am especially angry about, they charged a huge sum for a “computer program” that was basically an attempt to sell us another HVAC system.  This was from a supposedly “good” HVAC company.  

Went to the baseball game last night, hot dogs looked good, but I wasn’t tempted!  Today will also be another day without meat, don’t know about next week, but I’ll report on it next week!

That’s it for now, Saturday, April 28, 2018.

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