2018 Spring April 29 Sunday

59 degrees this morning, walk 34:22 minutes

Actually a relatively cool 59 degrees.  As I have noted, 59 degrees in the dark is much cooler than 59 degrees in the sun.

Yesterday it got to about 83 degrees and was a wonderful day.  Hopefully it will continue for several more days!

Pace was 1 second faster than goal  

I am making up a “Strategic Plan” for myself to help me plan my time best in completing my projects, plus just to remind me what my projects are.  Right now it is basic, just a listing of projects and my estimated time frame, it will develop as time goes by.

I decided to keep it simply at first and see that is important and practical to reaching my goals.

It isn’t a “list” is it a plan for accomplishing my projects.  It ranges anywhere from house projects to brand goals for myself (including learning more about using Evernote of dropping it) and finalizing the pictures of my Hot Wheels etc.

Right now I am just kind of free forming it and am making a point of working on it daily.  It may be I can use Evernote to develop it, but right now I am just using “Notes” and “Pages”.  I started off using “Pages” but I think “notes” is probably easier and eventually I hope to develop a simple Strategic Plan sheet.

Of course, I need to avoid the trap of spending so much time on “planning” that I never get anything done!

I hope it will remind me daily of what I need to be working on so I can better utilize my time.

Attended the “campaign” meeting yesterday, the political campaign of a very lone-shot candidate for State Representative  While I’m not sure if I am ever gong to  “knock on doors”, I can help in a lot of ways.  i felt a slight tinge of anticipation at assisting in the campaign.  

A person filing for office and “knocking on doors” is one of he basic foundations of our society.  

In Starbucks the other day.  I generally stop by this Starbucks several days per week when I am “in the field” .

This Starbucks usually has several “homeless” people in the store, they rarely buy anything, but they aren’t a problem either.  For some reason, the Starbucks was giving away a lot of free drinks and the homeless person happily picked up two!  They were giving away drinks that I had no idea what was in them.  

This Starbucks has been a resting place for homeless people literally for years (I wrote about it at least 5 years ago), so I’m surprised about the current controversy about Starbucks.  Of course this may be  a different type of location.  I know one McDonalds that has a rule you have to buy something to use the restrooms, which is unusual for McDonalds but probably understandable based on the location. 

That’s it for now, Sunday, April 29, 2018.

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