2018 Spring April 30 Monday

2018 Spring April 30 Monday 

65 degrees this morning, walk 34:26 minutes

A cold 65 degrees this morning with a relatively high wind.  Still a nice walk, although I could have done without the wind.

Pace was 2 sends slower than my goal, which is well within the variant allowed to meet my goal.  

Saw a term I liked on an e-mail subject “A Different View”.  In this case it came with a Newsletter that actually is “a Different View”.   I enjoy reading it because it does present “different views” without any real attachment to any person or part, but he does have some strongly held opinions.  

Actually, I think that the term “A Different View” would make a great Blog title, but I would feel like I was stealing someone else’s idea if I used it, even though “Plagiarism is the sincerest from of flattery”  (or something like that).  

I could even say a lot by punctuation , such as A Different View!, or A Different View? etc.!

Thinking of how recycling is handled, it wasn’t but a few years ago, we were warned of dire consequences if we “mixed” paper and plastic etc.  Suddenly that is the only way to do it!  

Obviously I am happy that we uses “single stream” recyling, where we just toss everything in a “big green” bid.  As I have noted before, now the problem is that we don’t have enough room for our recycling since it is only picked up every other week.

Dream April 30, 2018

Dream at a family reunion.  I was walking around looking for everyone but couldn’t find anyone.  I was walking with a large group of people and dropped something.  

I thought I dropped my car keys but couldn’t find them and the rush of the large crowd made it hard to stop and look..  I saw a lot of car keys on the floor, but not mine. 

I went to a house someplace (not sure where, but it didn’t seem to be connected with the reunion) and saw my Granddaughter, she had her hair “up” and had a “boyfriend” and she gave me a look like she wanted to get out.

Back at the reunion “hotel”, I was beginning to wonder if I had the right hotel.  I thought about calling my sister when I walked out on a wide porch with a roof, like all houses used to have.  

I met my Brother in Law and I mentioned I wasn’t sure if I had the right hotel.  He grinned at me and went inside with his luggage.

I look at the floor of the porch and comment on how bad and creaky it was, parts of it even had holes in it.

I woke up’

another dream:  driving down the dirt roads near the farm I grew up on  All I can remember is driving down the road, not fast, but rapidly. I as concerned about something, but I rail what it was about.  

That’s it for now, Monday, April 30, 2018.    

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