2018 Spring May 2 Wednesday

73 degrees this morning, walk 35:00 minutes.  

Very windy this morning, so I wasn’t sure how to dress for my walk.  Of course I dressed way too warm, especially as my internal furnace kicked in and I really got hot.  Even the wind wasn’t as bad as I expected.  

As I have mentioned, I like to wear something mourned my neck and mouth, but I decided not to this morning since I wasn’t sure what to wear.  I though about wearing a bandanna around my mouth to protect my throat from pollutants (bank robber style) but decided not to for that  same reason. 

I think wearing it i such a way would be very protective since the wind contains a lot of dust etc.  

May 2, marks 3 years and 10 months since we moved to this area, 3 years and 8 months in my current job.  Soon it will be four years and I may start remembering it annually.  Or maybe not.                       

Reading Anne Hillerman’s books.  I actually am reading a book I find interesting and may even stay up late to read!  While she has a different  style than her father (Tony Hillerman) she does an excellent job of avoiding predictive plot lines.  

While I enjoyed her first book a year or so ago, I think her second book shows her growth as a writer.   

While I hadn’t deliberately quit reading a lot of fiction, I had stopped reading a lot of fiction books.  Part of it is the other demands on my time, plus there are so many other alternatives to reading fiction, including computers, the internet etc.  

Another reason was that I was finding many of the fiction writers I enjoyed are writing predictable books with the same plot and almost the same characters.  They simply got boring compared to  other alternative ways to use my time.

I do try to read other fiction (and non-fiction) and occasionally find a anew author who is good.  

Strange, but I don’t remember reading (fiction or non-fiction) taking so much time as it does.  Maybe it is the other possible uses of my time make the time available much more limited.

I can remember reading 3 or more fiction books a week, now I probably read one fiction book once every several months, although if I find an author I like, I might read several books.  

I am puzzled by my lack of interest in fiction books, I really don’t see anything which would cause such as change.  

Anyway, I found two Anna Hillerman’s books I haven’t read ( I am in line  to borrow her latest book also), so I will need to arrange my time so I have finish her books!

Supposed to be a chance of summer storms this week. we’ll see.

That’s it for now, Wednesday,  May 2, 2018.


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