2018 Spring May 3 Thursday

70 degrees this morning, no walk, rain

Wild variety of weather yesterday.  We got some heavy  rain, but  our area fortunately missed the tornados, tornado warnings and flooding etc.  

I always thought it is better to be in a tornado area than a hurricane, in your chances of actually being in a tornado are relatively small, but in a hurricane it is a sure thing that you are going to be in it.  

In a way I am surprised that there haven’t been any real advances in controlling the weather, especially controlling the more destructive weather like hurricanes and tornados.  

I have no idea how this would be accomplished, but it seems there should be some way of approaching a resolution to the more destructive weather.  

I’m not even sure if “rainmaking” actually works, which is one method of controlling weather.  

Of course, like anything if we could control weather, it would create a lot of controversy.  We can’t even agrees on the temperature of a building or office!   Fortunately Aliene and I basically agree on the temperature of our house!

If you took it to it’s extreme and we learned to control weather to the point of warm weather in winter (at least in the northern United States) or cool weather in Summer.  I expect it would create a lot of political as well as natural reactions.

In spite of the jokes, we have gotten a lot better at forecasting the weather, which is a way is a method of controlling at least the consequences of destructive weather.  We can prepare for it due the the advances in forecasting it.

I have been experimenting with my Apple Watch as far as the battery.  I used to charge it every day at the same time, and it would have about 68% battery reserve.  I started waiting to very other day, to reduce the number of  charges, which supposedly is a factor in battery life.  

What is strange it is 68% reserve after one day, but it goes down to 23% or so (has actually ranged from 18% to 28%) the second day. 

Logically, the battery reserve would decrease to 36% of so the second day, but it appears to be consistent that it drops to 23$ or so.  

There must be a reason for this, I”ll have to research it.

Of course, it is probably a mute question anyway, since all of my other Apple products (the oldest about 12 years old) still have good batteries, so the battery will probably be good until the watch is obsolete anyway.  

I still think there will be some type of breakthrough in battery technology that will allow much greater use of rechargeable batteries, including running our houses and buildings off of rechargeable batteries.

I think the ultimate goal would be to develop a battery/solar charger that would charge the battery and keep an adequate capacity to provide power at night etc.

In a way, the greater use of batteries would reduce the destruction and cost of storms since a large portion of the cost involves restoring power etc.

In a book I am  reading, they mentioned about an isolated area where solar panels etc. were so important, since they couldn’t  get regular power that was widely available and reliable 

That’s it for now, Thursday, May 3, 2018.  

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