2018 Spring May 4 Friday

62 degrees this morning walk 34;34 minutes 

Relatively mild temperature this morning, not cold, just coolish.  A good temperature for a walk, although I prefer warmer temperature.  Fortunately, warmer weather is coming!

Found a 1945 “wheat penny” in my change.  Unusual to find any kind of collectible coin in your change anymore.  Unless it has some specific “errors”, it is worth all of .15 cents!  Still, better than one cent!

I can remember when change routinely contained “collectible” coins, and I also remember when it became almost  impossible to find any collectible coins in your change.  I generally quit  collecting when it became a business instead of a hobby.  

The “Sopranos” series is winding down.  They must have added 9 closing episodes which means it may have about two more episodes for me to watch.  

I have a feeling I’m not going to like the ending.  It looks like they are going to end it by basically killing everyone off.  I think that is a terrible way to end it.  As I noted before, I can refuse to accept the ending and impose my own ending on it, since it is only fiction anyway!  

I have been trying to decide if I want to start another long-term series, or maybe watch all the movies I wished I could have seen!

It is always difficult to select a series, or an audio book to listen to while I walk.  I know I am going to have to live with it for awhile.  Even a short audio book will take about a month of walking to finish.  A longer one (some are 50 hours) will make considerably longer to listen too.

I’ve thought about listening to language tapes while I walk  I thought maybe if I did that and listen to Spanish radio, I could pick up enough to communicate.  I took Spanish in high school, college and also was in Spain, so hopefully I can pick it back up.

I think about it and then get discouraged since I realize it will be difficult to achieve any real degrees of fluency.  

It is interesting to see how the children of parents who speak a language other than English develop an excellent bilingual speaking ability.  

Still working on my Strategy Plan for personal projects and growth.  I am proceeding slowing since I don’t want to “set the railroad tracks” that I will have to follow (without major changes) for the future!

That’s it for now, Friday, May 4, 2018.

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