2018 Spring May 5 Saturday

55 degrees this morning walk 33:54 minutes

Weird confluence of numbers, 55 degrees on 5-5-18!  Maybe not.  A weekend tends to bring out bizarre thoughts!  

55 degrees now seems “cool”, whereas a month ago I probably thought of it as warm.  

I overdressed a little this morning, but overall a pleasant walk.  Hopefully it will be the coolest until next Fall!  I am ready for warm mornings that I can sit on the patio and write this journal!

Pace was 10 seconds below my goal, fortunately back to the trend of the pace being faster than my goal, even if by a few seconds.

I highly recommend that the opinion piece “Is Scott Pruitt the most corrupt member of the Trump administration” in the Washington Post.  A true corrupt criminal it is unbelievable that someone like  Oklahoma Representative Tom Cole defends the criminal, unethical and unbelievable abuse of his office for personal gain as being “Oklahoma neighborliness” or some similar type of hog wash.  

Of course, he may consider such criminal, unethical actions, gross waste of tax dollars for personal gain,  abuse of power is “Oklahoma neighborliness”.  If so, hopefully the voters will kick him out of office and elect someone with some ethics and honesty.  

I thought about copying the article instead of writing my journal, but I may try to copy it below, or anyone interested in good government can look at it.  I’m sure it will be on Facebook, Twitter etc. as well as the Washington Post.

The Washington Post is the best of the papers on the iPhone.  It is the one newspaper I like better on the iPhone than I do on computer etc. I have never read a physical copy of the Washington Post (except maybe when I was in D.C.) 

I have found the Wall Street Journal is the best on the iPad and the New York Times is the best on Twitter. (Although I don’t get the twitter feeds of the Washington Post or Wall Street Journal, I do get the “notifications” from them. 

The best “computer” web page news paper is the Memphis Commerical Appeal and the local paper where we live, which publishes twice a week.

Much as I hate to admit it, I can foresee the day when the physical newspaper will probably be obsolete, and may well actually be obsolete except for old geezers like me.  I still like the feeling of the paper in my hands, although I am reading more and more on this internet .

Of course one thing I have noted is I am much more likely to read the physical papers every day than I am the internet versions, except for the Washington Post.

The USA Today is probably the fastest on the news, but it has so much junk news (“celebrities”, bizarre stories,  sports etc.) that it is difficult to read and take seriously. 

Somewhat like the “New York Post”  I read when I was a kid, my mom was shocked at the trash I was reading!  

The weird methodology newspapers use in placing their stories may be one reason that the “physical” newspapers may continue to be popular.  

I looked for the story on the criminal pruitt in the “Internet” Washington Post, but couldn’t find it, whereas it is the top feed on my iPhone!  Strange to say the least. 

I have to admit, the scent of “orange chicken” somewhat temporarily attracted me last night, but I really wasn’t seriously tempted.  No meat last week, and I don’t really see any meat for the next week.  Certainly not today.

That’s it for now, Saturday, May 5, 2018. 

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