2018 Spring May 6 Sunday

65 degrees this morning walk 35:06 minutes. 

 Didn’t know what ti would be like this morning, it was a little cool, but certainly not bad.  A little overdressed for the actual temperature,   

Pace was 2 seconds slower than my goal.  I probably shouldn’t let an arbitrary number concern me, but it is one way of  measuring my progress or lack of progress!

Someone asked me the other day how long I had walked.  Actually  the question was when  I ran/jogged. actually I have been running or walking at least since I was in  the Air Froce and probably before that. 

I can actually remember my last run, when I switched to walking.  I was in a 5K run and it was in the rain.  I caught a bad cold and never actually ran or jobbed again.  However, I feel waking is just as good as running or jogging and probably easier and better for my body than running/jogging is.  

True baseball season is finally here (at least for the most part), meaning we don’t freeze when we go to a ballgame.  

We go to the minor league AAA game and frequently see players hit the “Wheel of Fortune” and get called up the Major League teem.  

The AAA level is the final level for baseball players, here they either advance to the Major Leagues or probably give up any hope of being called up.

For the most part it is the best players who get called up, which means the team we watch is having their best players leave.  We realize that it is just the nature of the AAA league  and we are glad for the players called up  for their benefit.  

As usual, luck plays some role, since getting called up requires  a  certain  level of skill, but also                                        a lot of luck, such as a player in  a specific position  getting injure traded etc.  or the major league team needing certain skills etc. 

Our “favorite” major league team is rather fluid.  Of course, I have had had a soft spot for the Kansas City team, since I grew up near there.  

Somewhere along the line, both Aliene and I developed a liking for the Chicago Cubs as “our team” , me since the mid 80’s and Aliene even before that.

We were confirmed Cubs fans when we moved to Memphis.  We started going to the Memphis Redbirds games, an AAA team for the St Louis Cardinals.

Anyway, as many of the players we wanted with the Memphis Redbirds got promoted to the St. Louis Cardinals, we started watching the St. Louis Cardinals because we “knew” so many of the players!  

We still have a problem when St.  Louis and Chicago play, since we are really for each team now!  We just say we want each  team to do it’s best and hope the game isn’t ended by some freak play. 

Of course, this became more complicated when we started to see the players with the AAA club we go to now getting promoted to the Major League Club so we are developing as fans for yet another Major League Club!

Tempted by beef tamales last night (not really, that is not the item to start eating meath with!  Another day without eating meat.  

That’s it for now, Sunday, May 6, 2018

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