2018 Spring May 7 Monday

64 degrees this morning, walk 34:33 minutes

Very mild weather this morning, overdressed for temperature, but better than underdressed!  

Pace was 10 seconds faster than my goal.  The trend has definitely been towards a faster pace, which is good, since lighter clothing for Summer should also help me increase my pace.

Yesterday was “shorts, sandals and t-shirt” weather.  Got up to at least 86 degrees, today supposed to get to 90 degrees.  I am ready for it!

Talked to State Representative candidate yesterday about helping with campaign.  Can’t do a lot, but will try to help some, if nothing else to protest the incompetent, vindictive and wasteful actions of the current incumbent majority party.  

As seen by the criminal actions of pruitt when he was a Sate Senator and  Attorney General in Oklahoma, so many of the elected  Senators and Representatives (and news media) just wink at illegal, unethical and even criminal actions of their buddies.  When they are so open about criminal actions like pruitt, it makes you wonder about the actions you don’t hear about!

By the way, businesses always scream and yell about higher taxes, how they have to raise prices etc.

Why aren’t they decreasing prices, now that they have been shoveled trillions of $ in our taxes (that we, our grandchildren and great grandchildren will be paying for for generations) in an attempt to purchase votes and increase donations/bribes? 

Of course, instead they are wasting money “buying back” stock so the executives can get millions or billions in additional pay due to the artificially increased stock prices  It is sickeningly that they then brag about the $1,000 “bonuses” some gave while they are ripping off millions and billions!  

I actually support businesses and I support businesses making a reasonable profit, but tie display of greed and outright gluttony is hard to believe. 

Listening to the last part of autobiography of Grant.  I have to admit, I didn’t realize the amount of violence, intimidation, murder etc. hat followed the Civil War in the attempt to intimidate people into not voting.  

I know who such cowards and criminals would be supporting now!

Another day without meat.  Looking back over 2 1/2 months without meat, I no longer have he slight feeling of nausea I felt in the mornings, although I don’t know if I can contribute that to meat. 

My weight continues to fluctuate, although it is somewhat like it did I stop eating meat. 

I think the main problem with not eating meat is it forces me  (“force” may be too strong of a word!) to eat more carbs and probably less healthy foods.  

If I do go back to eating meat, I will try to avoid fried meat and also institute a real limit on carbs.  

But I’m not ready yet, today I will not be eating meat.

That’s it fo now, Monday, May 7, 2018

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