2018 Spring May 8 Tuesday

2018 Spring May 8 Tuesday

75 degrees this morning, walk 35:03 minutes.

I really wasn’t sure how to dress for my walk in 75 degree temperatures in early May.  Since I walk in the dark, the cool is still in the air.  I found there was still a slight coolness in the air, but it was nice.  I had dressed a little warm, but not bad.  

It was a very nice day Sunday and Monday and today is supposed to be around 90 degrees, which is wonderful.  

Pace today was one second slower than my goal, which of course is well within the realm of the goal.  

Reading the autobiography of U.S. Grant, I am at the stage where he finished his terms as President and is on a grant world tour  

While he planned the tour as a private citizen, of course he was celebrated at the great General and President and it turned into a diplomatic coup for Grant and the United States.  

He was on tour for over two years.  I noted that Teddy Roosevelt also went on tours for months and years at a time.  

I realize in a time before jet planes etc., travel was much slower, probably accounting somewhat for the longer trips.

However, I was thinking what it would be like to be gone on a trip for several years.  I assume we would have to sell most things and store the rest.  It would be a nomadic existence.  

I doubt doubt that I would like to do that .  Even if you could keep and maintain your house while you are gone, it still would be a major commitment of time.  

Actually 4 years ago, we were in China, right in the middle of our 18 day trip to China.  I really thought we would have gone back by now, but perhaps in the near future.  

Hopefully we can get back to at least minor, short-term travel in the near future.  Some of the areas I would like to see are Yellowstone Park, Niagara Falls, Panama among others.  

Probably my favorite place in China was Shanghai, although all of the cities were so different it is impossible to pick just one!

I have been going to review some thoughts in a Newsletter I receive, one I don’t always agree with, but contains some thoughtful observations.  I get to  writing about something else and realize I don’t have the time or space to write what I intended!  

I plan on enjoying the 90 degrees weather today!  Hopefully soon I can write this while sitting on the back patio!

That’s it for now, Tuesday, May 8, 2018.   

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