2018 Spring May 9 Wednesday

74 degrees this morning, walk 35:29 minutWind was still coolish this morning, even at 74 degrees.  Not cold by any means, but three is a coolish tint to the air.  Very enjoyable for walking etc.  It will feel hotter as the sun comes up!

Pace was 31 seconds slower than my goal.  I could feel I was walking slower, but I din’t get my speed up as much as I needed to.  Some days are slow, some daycare fast!

Sitting out on the back patio as I write this, the first time in 2018.  A little coolish, but nice enough I should able to stay and finish it.  

There is something about the early morning that I love.  At times I think it is because the day is full of possibilities, full of hope for a good day.  

Some other thoughts about the early morning is that it is a time before the day actually starts and seems a little like “bonus time”, time I wouldn’t have had otherwise.  

I have never liked getting out of bed and hurrying to work, school or whatever.  I always like having time to think etc. before I have to go to work or even start my day.  

One really strange thing is I like waking up at night and realizing I have another hour, hour and 1/2 etc. to sleep!  

Perhaps the thing I like most about the early morning is the darkness, the sound of the wind through the trees (if it isn’t too strong1) and just the feeling the day hasn’t started yet.  

I have become extremely aware of the amount of time I feel I waste on minor activities that aren’t really that important, including time spent on the internet, and other activities.  

I find I truly resent the intrusions of salespeople who have been falsely advised (it seems) that the more they talk the more you will change your “no”response.   The sales techniques they must teach people are actually counter-productive in “making the sale”.  

We get more and more phone spam sales pitches.  Most of the time we don’t brother answering the phone and I have grown insensitive to having any manners with people who think they can intrude on my time with sales pitches.  I just hang up. 

It doesn’t help that I read where the sales pitches by the “animal doggy people” who prey on your feelings about lost animals have so much money (even after they pay themselves huge salaries), they actually have to buy “breeder mill” puppies to have some to donate, which is counterproductive since it only encourages the breeder mills to have more puppies!  

I read about some apps etc. that help deflect the phone spam or even harass them right back, but right now I’ll just hang up or not answer.  

Especially annoying are the criminals who “spoof” a local number.  I have learned to never answer a phone number with my exchange because it is a”spoof” number from some criminals trying to get your credit card number or otherwise rip you off.

Of course that is nothing like e-mail spam.  I am staring to miss some of my regular legitimate e-mail due to the spam, much by “legitimate’ businesses who somehow feel inundating you with spam will help their sales.  

Unfortunately spam detectors aren’t very good, frequently sending legitimate e-mail to the spam folder.  

Enjoyed my first morning on the patio.  A little breezy, but I am sitting in an area where the wind is blocked and I can still enjoy the morning.  Not as good as my wonderful back patio in Lakeland, but still nice and it makes a wonderful start to my day!

That’s it for now, Wednesday, May 9, 2018.

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