2018 Spring, May 10 Thursday

2018 Spring May 10 Thursday

73 degrees this morning, walk 35:03 minutes 

Very much of a coolness in the air this morning, even at 73 degrees.  

Sitting on the patio writing this, I am not sure if I will stay out long or not.  When the wind blows there is a real coolness in the air. Not cold, but cool, so in a way it is nice, but suddenly it  gets that uncomfortable coolness.

Pace this morning was 13 seconds slower than my goal.  I am not sure why my pace changes.  It could be the wind, it could just be I am tired.  

The “June bugs” are out, perhaps not in force, but out.  Suddenly all of the trees are green, the grass is growing and the flowers are blooming.  Spring is here!  Perhaps summer weather, 92 degrees yesterday.  

Somedays I realize the  value of little things in life.  I am in the habit of drinking a small bottle of Gatorade after my walk.  It is the “low calorie” version, which means the flavors are extremely limited for some reason.

Anyway, several days ago I ran out.  I didn’t really consciously miss it, but I got some more yesterday and had one this morning and realize how much I did miss it.

I think it is the “small things” in life that basically make up our lives, so I like to be conscious of the small things I value.  I won’t go into detail, but I expect everyone has the items that are small, but very important in our daily lives.

Probably writing this journal is one of the daily rituals to me that is important to me.  I also didn’t realize how important my daily morning walk was to me until I missed it for several days.  

Anticipation also is one of the real pleasures of life, anticipating the activities you enjoy.  This can be anything, from reading the newspaper to anticipating a vacation or trip.  

Getting too cool, am going inside.

Back inside my usual “morning place”.  I guess my ritual changes from my “summer morning place” to my “winter morning place”!  

I have just about finished listening to the autobiography of U.S.Grant.  It is very interesting and I will miss it when I finish.  I have learned about the history of that period, history I really either hadn’t learned or didn’t remember.  

I have enjoyed it, in part, because both Lincoln and Grant were very ethical, committed to their wives loyal to their country, the complete opposite of the greedy, unethical, greedy, thieving cowards currently in government.  

Not that I would want to go back to that era!  I was thinking this morning of how future people will probably look back at this age (2018) much like we look at the era of 1878, wondering how they lived without modern technology!

That’s it for now, Thursday, May 10, 2018.

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