2018 Spring May 11 Friday

73 degrees this morning, walk 34:54 minutes

Colder this morning, 20 mph wind.  Almost didn’t walk due to the wind, but it was an ok walk.  I  may miss my walk this weekend, so I wanted to be sure to walk today.  

The wind certainly adds to the coolness in the dark.  It is very strong this morning, i think it is even windier now than when I walked.  

Pace was 19 seconds slower than my goal.  When it is this windy, I never know what will happen!  

Started out on the patio this morning, the wind and coolness make it too uncomfortable, so I am going in to my usual writing spot, at least eventually.  

I remember when we lived in Memphis, we would go to Oklahoma and somewhere along the way I would get out of the car and feel that strong cold (or hot)  wind and think, oh, yes, now I remember why I moved! 

I recently heard a story which I feel is a sad commentary on our outlook on how we accept or don’t accept responsibly.

A person fail and fractured an arm or leg. They went to the emergency room  etc.,

Several months later they got a bill from the emergency room and called their insurance company to find out why it hadn’t been paid.

They were advised that the insurance company had assumed “someone else had paid it”, meaning, I assume that they assumed that wherever the fall had occurred, the property owner etc. would be held responsible!  

I don’t know that was the only reason, but it seems to be a general concept that “someone else” is always responsible for mishaps.  In this case, probably no one was really “responsible”, it was just one of those unfortunate things that happen.

Looking forward to a weekend again  It only seems a few weeks ago, Mothers Day seemed a long way off and I had plenty of time to buy a Mothers Day card etc. Now suddenly, I am one of the hapless last minute shoppers!  I don’t like doing things at the last minute, but somehow time escapes me!

I am so glad that “shorts and t-shirts time” is here again!  Yesterday was around 90 and today is going to get to around 88.  In weather like this (without the wind), I would like to just move outside for many activities! 

Saying that, I just moved in from the back patio, the wind was just making it too uncomfortable.  However as the sun comes up I expect it will be a wonderful day.

That’s it for now, Friday, May 11, 2018.




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