2018 Spring May 12 Saturday

76 degrees this morning, no walk.

Wind blowing at 23 mph this morning plus some storm clouds around (didn’t come through here).  Yesterday, at least in places, the wind got to 50 mph.I doubt if we were in that strong of a wind, but it sure felt like it!

I am so glad that warm weather is here, even with the wind making it less than ideal.  

I recently read that the federal government spends $277,000 for each family of four in fighting poverty.  He doesn’t go into detail on it, but I think he includes Social Security and Medicare which is not “fighting poverty” in my opinion.  

However, he does make a point that so much money is spent on other than the objectives of the program.  I think this can be said for defense spending, infrastructure spending etc. 

Probably the best way to explain this is that most of the money goes to all of the companies and persons who donate to the politicians, not the people or companies it is meant to help.

I’m not  quite sure (will I do know actually) why he picked on poverty, and not defense, etc., but anyway it is a point that is true for many federal  programs.  Somehow the “middle persons” get much more than their share.

A case in point is the “Student Education” program that somehow the private companies can make “hundreds of millions” of dollars in profits?  Of course de vice gave this to them in a “no bid” contract which I feel has to be unethical and criminal, obviously a “gift” of tax $ to her donors and lobbyists.  

This can also be seen in the recent “tax cut” which went primarily to donors and lobbyists and they are now using the money for “buy backs” etc. to enrich themselves, not in expansion of jobs etc.  

Meanwhile the “tax cuts” were paid by federal debt, which means our children, grandchildren etc. will be paying for this gift to donors and lobbyists who are using it as gifts to enrich themselves.  

The recent “prescription drug price reduction” “announced” by the lying coward lunatic is a good  case in point.  It is another gift to the drug makers. 

Not allowing Medicare to make companies bid for medical supplies and drugs is an unbelievable gift to the drug companies who raise their prices 1,000 % or more on “speciality drugs”, that are nothing more than a criminal ripoff of Medicare and insurance companies.  Of course, the lying coward lunatic didn’t say anything about that, just a bunch of coward lies about “middle men” etc.  that will be as meaningless as the lies that “everyone will have wonderful health insurance”.  

At least the  weekend is here.  As I have noted previously, sometimes I tend to waste time and “piddle” in the morning.  It seems I have so much time, but it seems to go by in “double time”!

That’s it for now, Saturday, May 12, 2018.

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