2018 Spring May 13 Sunday

2018 Spring May 13 Sunday

76 degrees this morning. No walk due to schedule.

High wind yesterday most of day, got calmer later in the day.  About 12 mph this morning. 

I don’t know why the wind is so much higher this year than in the past years.  It is what  it is, but it makes it a lot more difficult to walk or bike, plus the wind definitely increases my cough, apparently an allergic reaction to something in the wind.  

A Doctor recently advised us that the air here has tested positive for plants found only in Arizona, so a local allergy test (which I had) may not mean a lot.  As I have noted previously, I know the allergies are at least in this area.  The first time I visited here, my eggs bagged in three days and I started sneezing.  

Last fall we went to San Antonia for several days and our coughs stopped after about  1 or 2 days!  (We just suddenly realized we weren’t coughing!)

Read this morning about companies that are launching huge “stock buybacks” while laying off employees, an expected result off the tax increase scam.  Actually the huge buybacks to benefit donors and executives even more  was expected, the employee layoffs weren’t.  

They are kicking their employees in their face as they laugh about ripping them off by making the middle class (and future generations) pay for their tax scam to make them even richer.  Sick and shame on the GOP cowards who can’t stand up to the lying coward lunatic. 

Even worse, the drug companies are increasing prices, knowing they can rip off insurance companies and Medicare with a coward president and GOP interested only in what kind of “donations” they are getting from their scam, and trying to impose their extreme views on people.  

I saw a “mailer” yesterday from the state representative who is currently in office.  He had the usual fluff  about ‘waste and mismanagement”  (mainly in the elected House of Representatives and Senate), imposing his views on everyone else etc., decreasing taxes for the rich and his donors and lobbyists while cutting back programs for lower income etc.  Made me much more interested in helping his opponent beat him and send him back to the  rock he must have crawled from under.   

Almost the middle of May already!  I know I say this every month, but time seems to past so fast!   

My Personal Strategic Plan is still being finalized.  I am trying to work on it at least a little each day but life gets in the way!  I want to set something up that I can work on my goals and hopefully start to see progress.  The main barriers (to attempts to weed items) are “I might need it some day” and/or “it might be worth something”.  The main barrier to other goals is mainly adjusting my time.  

I have had this little book, “Zen Lessons, the Art of Leadership” that has 216 “daily thoughts” for probably 24 years (it’s copyright is 1993).  Of course, I haven’t read one word (until yesterday).  I have decided I am going to read one thought each day and reflect on it before my daily nap.  

That’s it for now, Sunday, May 13, 2018/

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