2018 Spring May 14 Monday

76 degrees this morning, no walk.  

No walk, some kind of strong allergy reaction or a head cold, In’t not sure which, but I found it best to try to get over it or at least deal with it.  Also, a strong rain storm is coming in.  

It seems like I develop this at least one time (I think it may a “first reaction” to air conditioning etc).  I think I am allergic to air conditioning blowing (such as in the car) when it first starts serious in the Spring and then I seem to adjust to it.  

I finished the “Sopranos” series yesterday.  It was one of those times when I finished it just in time before I had to leave.  

After about a year of so of watching the Sopranos on a sporadic basis of 15 minutes here, 30 minutes there and an occasional hour, I have completed the series.   I will miss it. 

In spite of the extreme violence etc., the series almost took on a sheen of reality as I watched it develop.  At first I thought it w as a neat idea (and I still do), just what is the daily life of a mafia family like?  

Perhaps the same thing to apply to a company executive, the President of a University etc., just what are their daily lives like?

I was concerned they would wimp out on the ending after all of the hours I spent watching it.

They didn’t, the ending was perfect.  (Spoil Noticd here if you haven’t seen it and ever intend to!)  The head boss (Tony Soprano) is sitting eating with his family.  There is music and different people move around focusing on none of the specific.  You know something is going to happen.  

Suddenly it is totally black.  I read there was supposed to be a gunshot, but I didn’t hear it even though I went back to check.  

Basically there are three alternatives, he got shot and killed (thus the sudden blackness), he got arrested by the FBI (I don’t really see this) or nothing happened (my selected alternative)  

Anyway it is over and I throughly enjoyed it.  In spite of some of the gruesome, and even worse, the casual violence and lawlessness, it was an enjoyable series, primarily due to the somewhat of a unique perspective for a long series.  

Now I am faced with  finding another diversion for “lunch hour” and our time we spend at our “third place”, Starbucks.  

I really don’t want a movie, it is too short.  I thought about watching all the classic movies I either never saw or saw and would like to see again, but…. maybe sometime.  I think I was spoiled by watching Downton Abbey and then The Sopranos, which lasted for a long  period of time.  

I have decided to start watching “Bosch”.  It is just starting it’s 4th season, so it will be a while before I catch up.  

I’ll update this on a regular basis.  Probably won’t start “Bosch” today, probably will be Wednesday.  

That’s it for today, Monday, May 14, 2018.

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