2018 Spring May 15 Tuesday

74 degrees this morning.  No walk.

In spite of the warm weather I either have a “cold” or allergy, not sure which.  Didn’t want to make it worse by  walking.  

The sneezing and coughing seem to go in cycles, I’ll  be feeling fine and then suddenly start sneezing ad coughing.  

However, ever since we have moved, it seems I develop this every Spring and Fall, so it may just be something  I need to live with.  

I have to admit to being somewhat of a hypocrite about Amazon.  Much as I complain about it, I am a member of Amazon Prime as was pointed out by a reader.  I have been a member of the Audible “books on tape” (now on apps!) since before Amazon even bought them.  

The actual service that encouraged me to join Amazon Prime was the storage of documents and photos etc.  Also the ease of getting “e-books”.  

I still have some strong feelings about their pricing strategy, the quality of some of their merchandise and especially their marketing practices where I am spammed with e-mail if I even look at an item.  

We are a big advocate of recycling, so I was concerned to read that the markets for recycling materials are plummeting.  

They are accumulating recycling material in warehouses because there just isn’t a market for it, and much of it is even ending up in landfills because they can’t sell it.  

One problem apparently continues to be the high percentage of food, and non-recyclable  material in the recycling picked up.  

According to the article, this (food and non-recyclable trash) is running as high as 20%, which makes it extremely costly to process.

Apparently China was one of the largest buyers of recycling material and they are not importing it now, wanting a “waste” percentage of less than 5 percent.  

Probably this will lead to an increase in the price of recycling pickup (and you can’t really blame them if they don’t have a market for it).

I know some companies are trying to encourage a market for recyclable materials etc. but it is a slow process.  

Still not eating meat and don’t really miss it.  When I saw  some “chicken tenders” at the baseball game I had a monetary feeling of regret, and then I remembered they are fried and probably extremely high in calories.  

I don’t know when I may resume eating meat, but not today.

That’s it fo now, Tuesday, May 15, 

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