2018 Spring May 16 Wednesday

69 degrees this morning, no walk, rain, thunder and lightning  

Although I couldn’t have walked anyway this morning, I was probably not going to walk anyway trying to get rid of this cold.  Fortunately I think my cold, sniffles etc. is almost over.  

Lobbyist fees!

Reading about the obscene fees lobbyists are making in Washington DC.  Hardly new, but it is getting worse as companies literally spend billions on paying off politicians and government employees to get business or, like Sinclair obtain monopolies so they can rip off advertisers and try to impose their extreme opinions on residents.  Sick. 

Paragraphs, long or short?

In regard to this journal, I was thinking about “paragraphs”.  I have always written in very short paragraphs, since I know when I read, I tend to lose ideas in long paragraphs.  

So, I use short paragraphs to help get my ideas across.  

When I used to review memos, news stories etc., I sometimes was appalled at the extremely long paragraphs.   In a personal letter, long paragraphs may be fine, but in a news article or memo, you will definitely lose your audience.  

Actually, when I was in high school, I leaned the journalism scheme of “who, what, where, when and how”, putting the important ideas at the top and descending in importance and short paragraphs.   

I don’t always follow that, but I try.  I used it for essay tests, memos etc. I don’t use the “important at the top” for this journal, but I do for any news stories etc, which I rarely write anymore.  

I have considered using “Headings” in his journal (like I normally would).  I haven’t yet, but I may do so, even in this post before I quit.  

I have thought that I may whip around too much, but one of the reasons is that this journal is definitely a “stream of thought” journal, so if I posted a “heading”, I may completely change my thoughts before I finish the paragraph.  

I may go back and try to put some type of topic heading after I finish writing.  In fact I will try it today.

Of course, another problem is I write this in “Pages” and then post it.  The formatting may or may not follow, I’ll see today!

Parting Thoughts

Field Day today, so I hope the rain stops or at least isn’t that bad during the day.  Rain makes a Field Day miserable if the rain is hard.  A light rain isn’t that bad.

Hopefully I will be able to walk tomorrow, I’ll see how my cold is today and of course, the weather.  

That’s it for today, Wednesday, May 16, 2018

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