2018 Spring May 17 Thursday

67 degrees this morning, no walk

Looking forward to walking this morning, but when I got up I realized it still isn’t quite time regarding my cold etc.   I probably couldn’t have tried it today even if it had been warmer, I’m still feeling the effects os whatever I have.  

I realize now it was more than an allergy, although the start of it could have been an allergy.  

Hopefully by tomorrow morning I will return to walking.  Also, today is a field day and tomorrow is an office day, so it makes more sense to return to walking tomorrow.  

I  recently read an article about people who “snooze’ or nap at concerts, plays etc.  I admit I am one of the guilty ones.  

I may have a record of sleeping when I went to a concert with my daughter a few (actually many) years ago and feel asleep at the opening band for ZZ Top which featured loud chainsaws.  (On the other hand, maybe it was appropriate!)  

I also have napped at movies, concerts, plays etc. as well as numerous tv sports.  

Actually, I think, especially at classical concerts (piano or string etc.) sleeping is one of the joys of attending.  I don’t sleep through the entire thing, I just doze though parts and it lends a special aura to attending or listening to it.

I can remember my Dad taking a nap on Sunday afternoons while listened to “Music for the Masters” on WIBW radio or on his records, so perhaps it is genetic!  

Actually, I have taken steps to avoid napping including (of course) taking strategic naps and other solutions.  

This is actually something that has been a behavioral trait (I hate to call it a problem) even since I can remember.  

I can remember following asleep in elementary school (it had to be the 1st to 4th grade), with the pictures of George Washington on the wall and the wide vista of scenery outside the windows.  

This was probably one of the last “one room” schools, where the teacher taught all eight grades, so I assume it allowed me some unsupervised time to nap.  (I don’t know how Miss Porterfield handled all of the unruly children, but she did.)

One point of the article is “why would someone spend $100 to take a nap”.  Perhaps the best answer is “because they can” and “because they enjoy it!”.  

Actually, an attack of the “sleepies”  can be  extremely unwanted and it can be embarrassing as well as a loss of opportunity to enjoy an event, conversation etc.  It is not something you enjoy in many cases, and of course it can be dangerous as well as embarrassing.    

One point I want to make it is it is not really “boredom”, or even a lack of sleep, it is some type of condition.  

Anyway, I have taken steps to perhaps resolve the problem.  I still enjoy my “wanted” naps in the morning and the little “power naps” during the day.  Generally I have found that any nap longer than 28 minutes or so tends to make you groggy whereas a shorter nap makes me a lot more alert.  

I spent a lot more time on this than I intended, I may need to research this more!

That’s it for now, Thursday, May 17, 2018.

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