2018 Spring May 19 Saturday

73 degrees this morning, still not walk.

Still have head cold and coughing.  Obviously I am getting very tired of it!  

I recently read that the best way to plan something is like a chess game.  You plan on where you want to be then make only the moves that will get you to your objective and ignore any other moves.  

I have been mentally thinking about this  and what “moves” I need to either plan or ignore.  

I am revising my Personal Strategic Plan to include action steps to accomplish my objectives.

I think a common problem with such Plans is you get so enamored with prepping the plan, you never take any action!  

Actually I have seen this quite a bit, both personal, corporate and government.  A big massive wonderful “plan” is prepared, and then no one ever looks at it again as you get mired in everyday life!  

Then five or ten years down the road, someone thinks about it and the “plan” is revised and rejuvenated  and promptly forgotten!  

I remember someone years ago mentioned in a meeting that in many (in this case) cities have a a rare opportunity when they may have some active dedicated leaders who can make huge advancements in the community and that such leadership may occur only once a generation or even less.  

They emphasized that a community had to take advantage of these leaders and advance while they could since it may be 20 years before the opportunity came again.  

My experience of 39 years working with cities is that this is absolutely correct.  There are rare moments when you have true leaders and hopefully you can prevent the “againsters” and the extreme political nuts from sabotaging the advances.  

Of course this happens in all organizations from businesses to churches.  It is one reason any organization I am in I try to support a dedicated activist leader who has the best concerns of the organization at heart even if I don’t agree with everything they do.  

Of course there are some cities, organizations etc. who are fortunate enough to have developed a permanent structure of creative dedicated leaders and it shows.  We are fortunate to live in such a city right now.  

It certainly has it’s faults, but overall it has developed a structure that is someone permanent, although people still have to work at it.

Of course, on the other hand, there are communities, companies and organizations that never have the creative progressive leadership (“Progressive” in the sense that they look to change what is negative and provide an atmosphere of positive energy) or it is beaten down by negative people.  

That’s it for now, Saturday, May 19,  2018.

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