2018 Spring May 20 Sunday

64 degrees this morning, no walk, rain, thunder and lightning  

Still have head cold and cough.  I really don’t know if it is a head cold or an allergy, if it is an allergy, that is kind of scary that something could produce this sort of a reaction.   Especially if it means it will happen every year at this time!

I did note yesterday that the middle of the day I was doing relatively good and then it got worse in the late afternoon, as the storm came in.  I had read that thunderstorms etc. could concentrate allergy problem areas.

Thank goodness for Kleenex!

Thinking some more on the “all moves support the goal” strategy for my Personal Strategic Plan.  (In keeping with the general approach to  “plans”, there has been no action!)

I think or rather i know, that the major problem with implementing “Plans” is that you get so busy “putting out fires” that you don’t get time for implementing the plan.  

I’ve found one solution is to set aside time only for actions that contribute to “The Plan”, but even this has it’s downside, in that even if you are planning on a small, short action (such as taking a picture of one Hot Wheels car per day),sometimes you don’t even do that.  

I have a hard time explaining to myself why one small action per day is difficult.  Part of it is that the action is not really just a few minutes, there is preparation and setup time, as well as the time to actually implement the action.

I can remember when I was trying to enlarge my vocabulary and the goal was “one new word a day”.  I don’t know anyone that actually did that, at least any length of time.    

I’ll keep working on it and see what develops!  

One of my “daily Zen thoughts” was “Accumulate learning by  study, understand what you learn by questioning” .  

I think “questioning” could also include trying to apply what you learn, which is where I find I “learn” what I have learned!  

I find that is especially true with projects like learning computer programs etc., you really don’t learn it until you actually apply what you have learned. 

I learned from some computer programs, at least for me, there is no reason to even learn how to use a computer program unless I take the time to apply what I learned!  

That’s it for now, Sunday, May 20, 2018.

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