2018 Spring May 21 Monday

60 degrees this morning, no walk 

Still having cough and head cold, probably allergies, but who knows?  We are going to see a Doctor about it this week, it has just gone on too long.  Hopefully we can get into a Doctor soon and here is something they an do about it.  (Aliene has the same conditions I have.)

I don’t mind missing a walk or two, but I really don’t like missing for a week.  I think I always get the feeling that it may be the last time I walk if I don’t continue, but I have had longer layoffs and gotten back into it  

Attended the high school of a granddaughter yesterday.  We are proud that she had over a 4. average (actually a 4.4 I believe).  

Seeing the graduation always reminds me of when I graduated from high school and the various feelings and emotions the process entails.  

The high school graduation rate always surprises me. Until a few years  ago, I thought almost everyone graduated from high school.  I was shocked to hear the rate (depending on the area of course) was in the range of 65%.  (This was about 18 years ago in Tennessee.)

I just checked on the internet and the “national rate” of high school graduation is 84%, which I still find surprisedly low.  

I haven’t really kept track of the dreams I have, especially during my naps.  While I almost never remember them if I don’t record them immediately, I haven’t been recording them lately. 

I don’t know why I go into periods  of keeping track of my dreams and then periods when I don’t record them at all.  

I do know I have been having some wild dreams lately, but I don’t remember them and haven’t been writing them down.  

I think a reason may be that, with the cold, I feel like I need to get as much rest as possible, especially on the days I work, and even more especially on days I work in the field.  I feel air conditioning, especially the direct type of air conditioning is a major source of my allergies.  

Yesterday marked my third month of not eating meat.  I really haven’t noted a lot of difference and I haven’t really even missed eating meat.  

However, I will probably start eating limited meat again and really start to limit carbs,  I probably will really limit fried or fatty meats etc.  I haven’t really set at time for a decision, but probably in the next few weeks.  

I was just gaining too much weight from eating substitutes for meat and also I was tending to eat high calorie foods.  

Or I may decide to keep on going as I am, but only if I can maintain my weight and hopefully losing weight.  

However, today, I will not eat meat.

That’s it for now, Monday May 21, 2018.

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