2018 Spring May 22 Tuesday

66 degrees this morning, no walk.

Still have congestion and cough, again didn’t feel like I could walk without coughing etc.  

Saw Doctor (actually PA) yesterday and hopefully the medicine will help us get rid of this.  (Both of us have somewhat the same thing).  It appears to be more than an allergy , but it appears (in my case) air conditioning or cold breezes make it much worse as well as a few other things such as exercise, eating too much or the wrong type foods etc.

This is probably one of my favorite times of year, the buildup to the start of Summer, when the days are long.  Of course, the start of Summer means the days start getting shorter and the descent to Winter starts even as the hottest part of the year is here.  

Perhaps I should spend my Summers in Alaska, or Iceland where the days are “long” and my winders in whatever the counterpart on the south pole is!  

Every location has some problem or adverse weather (re Hawaii and volcano eruptions!).

How I get on some e-mail lists, I really don’t know.  It is usually so difficult to “unsubscribe”  I don’t bother and try to make sure they are sent to the spam folder.  

Even then occasionally I miss e-mails I want due to all the advertising junk e-mail I get, some from years ago.  That isn’t even counting the “spam” that arrives that normally is sent to the spam folder.  

Of course what is almost worse is “spam folders” are generally good, but not that good and too much legitimate e-mail goes to the “spam folder”.

I think a lot of it is the mistaken impression by many businesses that they can  be bullies and bully you into buying by harassment, whether e-mails, “cross-selling” (where they harass you if you call for any reason), phone calls or attempting to sell based on the concept that if they bully and harass you enough you will buy a product or service even if you don’t want or need it.

I blame a lot of the “Sales Techniques” books, articles etc that emphasize harassment and bullying techniques (“never take “no”’ etc.”) instead of trying to determine what the customer wants and needs.

I learned early in my previous career that a good “sales person” is one who tries to determine what you need and will go away if they don’t offer the right service or product instead of harassing or bullying you.  

That brings up commercials, and both TV and the internet have any bullying, harassing and demeaning commercials.  Probably the internet is the worse with crude, juvenile attempts to harass or bully you into responding to the commercial.  

Anyway, I hate to be so negative so early in the day, but I just hit a bunch of meaningless and spammy e-mail from so called “legitimate” businesses and I think they need to rethink their marketing strategy, although I realize they probably could care less what I think!

That’s it of now, Tuesday, May 22, 2018.

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