2018 Spring May 23 2018

72 degrees this morning, no walk 

Still didn’t walk this morning.  Feel like my cough etc. is getting better, but I still have a cough when  I am  exercising.  Aiming for no later than Friday.

Got medical advice the other day and hopefully some medicine and some advise that will resolve this.  It was much more than allergies, although I don’t doubt that allergies started it.  

I see medical problems of people around me and I quit feeling sorry for myself!  I still will be glad when I am able to start exercise walking again.  The audible books are accumulating that I am waiting to listen to!

John Leland (Happiness is a Choice You Make) went into detail about people’s responses to obstacles etc. in his long-term review of people over 85 years old.

His thoughts are that one way to more “happiness”  (I’m not sure if that is the correct timer) at any age is to give up the requirements  about being “in control” and realize you probably aren’t “in control” of your life.  

He suggests instead thinking of life as meeting the obstacles in life that come up in spite of everything, rather than trying to control obstacles.

That actually makes a lot of sense, although I need to think about it some more.  Probably some of the most less stressed people I know are ones who don’t try necessarily to “control” but who meet problems and accept the problems are there and deal with them on a “step” basis.  

Another approach is you will be happy “in spite of” conditions.  He suggests truly “happy” people, accept the problems and don’t waste time bewailing their problems but adjusting to them.  May be difficult to actually do emotionally even if you intellectually accept the idea.

He again emphasizes the fallacy of the feeling you will be happy “if only”, which is basically he feeling you can be happy based on something else happening,  outside circumstances etc.  

This concept is that, especially as you age, you need to “choose happiness from what is available, learn to give up things you that seemed important that you no longer have.  Again, easier said than done!

I think “choosing from what is available” is really key, although I don’t know for sure how you “really” do this.  

Another concept he mentions is “letting go of false needs”

I found these concepts to be interesting, 

“Realizing” what you can’t have and being happy with what you can have is probably one of the keys to “happiness” at any age. I think emotionally coming to that point is difficult at any age.

I was thinking the other day at my granddaughters graduation, Life as you age is diminishing  opportunities.  Once you choose a college, your opportunity for other colleges disappears or at leas diminishes.  Once you choose a job, etc. and, of course, as you age, your opportunities diminish as the years in from of you diminish.

I think happiness, or at least contentment with life, is learning to deal with that and accept that diminishing opportunities is acceptable and accept the opportunities you have.    

I am not saying, don’t try for things that will make you happy, sometimes the attempt is the goal, but be happy with “what is”, not “what could be”.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, May 23, 2018.

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