2018 Spring May 24 Thursday

71 degrees this morning, no walk.

Feeling much better, but decided to wait one day before walking.  Still have a cough, but I am feeling much better and coughing etc. is greatly reduced. The Doctor said to “push the water” and even though I already drink a lot of water, I have been “pushing the water”, with at least one expected result!  (I get up more at night!)

However, I think it is working, which is a real relief.  

I feel I am missing the best part of the year, although it really has about 4 more months.    I especially enjoy walking this time of year as well as sitting outside in the early morning.  

I thought about sitting outside this morning to write this post, but decided to wait.  For whatever reasons, cold air bothers my cold and even 71 degrees can be “cool” in the dark. 

I plan on getting my first taste of campaigning this weekend, at least for a while.  I felt it was time to show some support for someone running against the “elected” representatives who are primarily interested in shoveling money to their donors and lobbyists while making the low and moderate income voters pay for it in the interest of “decreasing taxes” (especially for the donors and lobbyists).   

I probably won’t make much of a difference, but at least I am doing something.  

I have watched with great interest some of the changes in the area where I live.  The development of local restaurants, art, and general livability growth has been nothing of amazing. 

Generally, the area has developed a lot of pockets of “look at me” type of attitude, which is good, whether you agree with all of the concepts or not.

Of course, the main city still does not protect residential areas well (fortunately the city I live in does an excellent job of it), but growth takes time.  

One aspect of my job I especially like is the opportunity to observe closely the development of the new businesses etc., as well as appreciate some of the real jewels in the area. 

Although not a “new” concept (and obviously I’m not saying anything to identify the business), I was amazed to discover a man who has been collecting art, coins, American Indian art etc. apparently for a lifetime and now is in the process of selling it.  

I’m not in the market for that type of thing, but I appreciate looking at it, and that it is available in this area. 

What is surprising is the store is in a somewhat older and poorly maintained  “strip” shopping center with a name that doesn’t really describe the true treasurers involved.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see a well-endowed museum purchase the entire store!  It did look like from some of the traffic I saw that it has been “discovered”, which makes me happy for the man who owns it.  He described it as his “401 K”!

Well, I decided I will need to resume eating meat, primarily as a weight control measure, and combine that with a firm “carb control” diet, as well as avoiding the fattier meats etc  I will be open to stat eating some meat again Monday, Memorial Day.  Probably start back with fish, chicken etc. and even light hamburger.  We’ll see, but for today, I will still not eat any meat!

That’s it for now, Thursday, May 24, 2018

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