2018 Spring May 25 Friday

75 degrees this morning, walk 35:10 minutes 

Weather was excellent this morning for my first walk in about two weeks.  Thought I was going to “stroll” a shorter walk to start off, but ended up going the normal distance and throughly enjoyed it.  Continued with my weights etc.

Overall, very little negative reaction, didn’t cough any more than I did before.  Soon I will be back to biking again.  

Thanking again about the “ride with the Summer’ ideal, maybe I’ll prepare for it next year, although an abbreviated one.  Since I expect to still be working, I will need to fit it within a normal vacation time.  

Pace was 18 seconds slower than my goal, which was still better than I expected after the layoff.  

Sitting on my beloved back patio, listening to the wind through the trees.  It isn’t warm, but it isn’t cold, it is very nice.  Wind is coming up a little, lightning in the north. 

Still puzzled by the “insecure network” message I get at Starbucks and other public places.  Even after Starbucks supposedly set up a “connect every time” feature, I find myself using the phone and burning up my data plan.

It is another example of “tech” thinking they know what is good for you, instead of letting you make your own decisions.  A simply “warning” would be ok, but blocking you from the network because they are “concerned” for your safety and want to rip you off by making you use their high priced data plan?  Of course, they are blocking it JUST for your safety!  

What is funny is I can’t find out WHO is blocking the network, “for my safety”.  It isn’t Apple, probably ATT.  

Actually I have a VPN I use on public networks but they don’t recognize it.

Anyway, I decided to hook up my Apple Watch to cellular.  I had been advised on ATT it was an additional $10 per month.  Well, last night I tired it and it quickly became $80 per month more!

Of course, I complained ATT and they, in their norma rip off fashion, politely advised me that the $10 was “access” (of course!) only and the watch required it’s own phone line.  But $80 per month!  And there were things like taxes, ATT rip off surcharges etc.  Of course!  Goodby ATT!

Of course, I already have negative feelings about ATT from my experience in moving from Lakeland.  They cut off my number the day before we moved and I could never get a “number forwarding message”, probably costing me a change at jobs etc. I complained to ATT for several years and only received the normal “That shouldn’t happen” message but never any results.  

We knew we would never use ATT for our home phone again or buy Direct TV etc., but we should have known to stayed away from them for anything. 


Still, I never expected the complete rip-off on the Apple Watch.  Fortunately I didn’t pay anything extra for the cellular part of the watch, Apple kindly included it when they replaced the watch. 

Anyway I found another plan for 50% of the ATT Plan (watch included) but I need to check out the details.  Cellular phone companies have turned into “merger monopolies”, and you have to watch them.

Same with home security companies, but that is another post.  

Start of a 3 day weekend (well, it really starts tonight),which is nice, as is the reason for the Memorial Day Weekend.  I remember when I was a child making the trip to Soldier, Kansas to remember on Memorial Day and the wonderful meal they had (and still have). 

That’s it for now, Friday, May 25, 2018.

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