2018 Spring May 26 Saturday

69 degrees this morning,  walk 34:48 minutes

I really wasn’t sure how I would react to the “colder” weather this morning, but everything went smooth.  My cough etc. is much better, I had a brief relapse yesterday, but it may have been just clearing things out so to speak.  And it still wasn’t near as bad as it has been. 

Shortly after I finished this journal yesterday morning, the wind came up (as I mentioned it was), the temperature dropped 12 degrees and a heavy rain came in ! You never really know.

Thank goodness it was an “office day” for me and not a “field day”.   (It probably would have become an “office day” very fast!)

The storm went through and it became a vary nice day.

Pace this morning walk was 4 seconds slower than my goal, which is excellent considering my layoff and that I really wasn’t trying to walk fast.

I decided to follow my own talk, and looked for alternative mobile phone plans with another company other than ATT.  The watch ripoff was the crowbar that broke the camels back!

If everything is as it seems (which isn’t likely with cell-phone companies), I am getting a much better plan at about 40% of the cost of my current ATT plan.  I am still checking it out.  Many times what you see in writing is much different than what you heard (or what was actually said)!  

Of course I can still remember when the first plans were offered that offered  a certain number of minutes of “free long-distance” and “unlimited minutes”.  They actually did turn out to be good advances.  When was the last time anyone paid “long distance” charges or even “roaming” charges (at last in the United States).

We are also switching our home security system, which is another case of deal with smoke and mirrors so to speak.  Suddenly a $12.00 per month plan is $55 per month without the blink of the eye!  

Anyway, I am sure we are going the “Nest” way as far as a video doorbell  and lock etc., we may keep our old wired security system for awhile as far as monitoring.  I really hate long term contracts with their well hidden “automatic renewal” clauses.

I really feel they should be required to inform you of any time deadlines as far as “automatic renewal” clauses.   They ought to be illegal without adequate notice to cancel.  I was shocked to discover in various security plans (in very fine print) that you had to give a years notice or be automatically renewed for a year etc.  I just refuse to deal with companies like that, or sign any clause like that.  

I think many magazines started that and I still resent it.  

Memorial Day is here, soon, Summer will start and then there is no Spring without going through the long winter again.  

That’s it for now, Saturday, May 26, 2018.

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