2018 Spring May 28 Monday

73 degrees this morning, walk 34:10 minutes

A little more humid or something this morning during the walk, the air was “heavy”.  The wind was still down and it was a nice walk.  

First time this year I wore shorts and t-shirt for my morning walk this year, so that felt good.  

Pace was 7 seconds faster than my goal.

As I sit on my patio writing this, the moon is still high in the sky as it is still setting. Not near as dramatic as yesterday morning perhaps it is in the process.  

If the air was a little lighter it would be a perfect morning. 

I accidentally found one good reason for an Apple watch, it is very efficient and effective in dialing 9-1-1!  Fortunately it was accidental that I “dialed” it. (You actually slide  little bar.)  If I figured it right, it not only dials 9-1-1 it also sends your name, emergency contacts and any outstanding medical conditions (like allergies etc.).

Amazing.  I think it is worth the money just for that feature along.  Not that it isn’t easy to pick up a phone and dial 9-1-1 but to have the watch right there….  Also, sometimes if you are injured etc. it could be much easier to “talk to the arm”.  

We switched out cell phones to another carrier yesterday.  It went very smooth as such things go. Our granddaughters even got the chance to upgrade on a “buy one, get one” deal.  

And, of course, my watch is now an independent communication source for whatever that means.  All those years ago when I was reading Dick Tracy in the comics speaking into his watch, I can now do!  

With “Facetime”, I an even use it as a video phone, just like Dick Tracy!  I wonder why I still have to drive a car?  

Actually, with all of the complexity of a “self-driving car”, I will be a little surprised it it ever actually occurs, at least in it’s entirety  

I think I always thought that a “self-driving car” would be somewhat like a train, where it would follow a strip on the road (or whatever) and be able to come on and off instead of the extensive dependence on GPS.  

I an see self-driving cars or trucks being useful for long highway driving, I think it is in the urban environment where the problem really occurs.  

I was reading about car insurance rates the other day, and a Tesla costs about twice what the next most expensive car is to insure!  Not surprising.

it is a good Memorial Day weekend.  The start of Summer in actuality, with July 4 marking the half-way point and Labor Day the end.  Not according to the calendar, but in the mind of our society.

Don’t plan on just jumping in and starting eating meat today.  I am just open to it to lower my carb intake, I do not plan on making a big deal about it.  Probably will continue a lot of vegetarian eating when it makes sense.  Eating a lot of rice, potatoes, bread or desserts etc. instead of eating meat doesn’t make any sense.  I’m just going to evaluate my eating pattern to find what makes the most sense for me.

The moon has descended into the west, the first birds are chirping to meet the day.

That’s it for now, Monday, May 28, 2018. 

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