2018 Spring May 29 Tuesday

74 degrees this morning,  walk 34:36 minutes

Walk was good this morning, although the air was “heavy” and clouds covered the moon.  Got a weather notification that rain clouds were coming in, but no actual forecast for rain, so I went ahead and walked. 

Sitting on the patio, listening to the wind through the trees.  Air is a little cooler this morning even though the temperature is about than the last two mornings  

I hear one bird waking up already, chirping away.  I wonder why the resit of the birds don’t wake up and start chirping/singing when the first one starts.  I guess they are like people in that manner, some get up early, some get up late!

Pace was 16 seconds faster than my goal, which is good.  I assume that is the “clothes bonus”, walking faster due to wearing lighter clothes versus winter clothes.

Return to work this morning, it was a good Memorial Day Weekend overall. 

I have been reading about the “dangers’ of drinking too much water.  While I realize moderation in everything is important, i was surprised at how little water could be considered “too much” water.  

In the end, the discussions are centered on moderation and “circumstances”, but I was still rather surprised.

One article mentioned if you always have a bottle of water with you, you may be drinking too much water.  I almost always do have a bottle of water with me, and I expect to keep on doing it to tell the truth.  

They did mention some common sense ideas such as don’’t guzzle water, sip it.  Take the time to swish it around your month, enjoy it etc.  

They also mentioned that room temperature water may be better for you, although I didn’t quite understand the dangers of drinking cold water!

Another dream i wrote down.  I have been having some intensive dreams but haven’t been remembering long enough to write down.  

Dream Sunday, May 27,2018

Dream I was in a city, not sure where but it was in another country, probably France, Spain or Italy.

I was there with my youngest Granddaughter and was looking for something.  I spent a lot of time in taxi”s (or whatever) trying to find some medicine or something specific.  

I don’t recall al lot of it, except fo the last part, we were in a car driving and looking for something.. 

The driver talked with an accent (to me) and I suddenly noticed that he was driving a car with the steering wheel on the right hand side.

The sheets were narrow and there were a lot of tall, stone like buildings.

As the dream seemed like a long dream, but  I can’t remember much except for he last part, but it seemed like it was a single dream.

That’s it for today, Tuesday, May 29, 2018.

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