2018 Spring May 30 Wednesday

72 degrees this morning, 33:27  minute walk

Actually coolish this morning for my walk, although I heated up fast of course.   I am always surprised how the difference of a degree or two can make.  I am trying to analyze what makes (for example) yesterday morning muggy and almost hot while almost the same temperature this morning was coolish.

There are rain clouds in the general area (no clouds here), which I thought would make it seem warmer.  

Pace this morning as an excellent 33 seconds faster than my goal.  That may be a record.   I did notice doing my walk I was walking faster, but sometimes I think I am walking faster and I’m really not, so you never know.  I may be able to reset my goal if I keep this up.

Of course, as I have noted before, sometimes it really doesn’t make any sense to continually try to improve my time, sometimes it is best just to achieve my goal.  

However, in this case, I would like to reset my goal 1 minute lower, which would be a good permanent goal, probably reached rarely!  

Transitioning to a new wireless carrier, I am reminded again that if “government ran like a business”, there would be a general uprising.  The secrecy, underhanded tricks to rip you off, and misleading statements would never be acceptable in government, at least local government.  They seem to be acceptable in state and national government.  

Tricks I have seen so far by T-Mobile to rip off customers includes including the provision that you need to have “auto pay’ to get the quoted rate and then attempts to hide “auto pay” so you don’t get the rate the first month. (They probably are hoping you’ll never find it.)  I was wondering why they hadn’t bought it up and of course it was an attempted rip-off.  I found the “auto pay” by accident with the tiny print.  

Another is the “buy 1 get 1” phone service.  First they rip you off on your trade-in, saying “up to $300” and then paying only $68 for probably a $400 phone.  Of course they make it a “rebate” and then attempt to make it as hard as possible to get the rebate.  

What a scam.  It make you sick to think you have to use the tricksters to get a wireless phone plan.  You almost feel like you need to bring your attorney with you to get a cell phone plan. .  

Of course there was also the “Netflex scam”, they brag about the “free Netflix” which isn’t really true. 

Then there are the tricks of trying to hide “additional fees” for everything.  I will thoroughly check my first bill.  

That is one reason why I avoid long term contracts for a security system, cell phones etc., there always seems to be some kind of scam like a “yearly renewal” etc. and a $12 per month price suddenly balloons to $60 (just an example I have seen).  

Anyway if “government ran like a business” (at least local government), there would be a huge turnover fast! 

Of course, the State and National governments are already owned by the private businesses, donors and lobbyists who pay the elected officials to rush to do their bidding while they pander to the worst aspects of the voters, braying about “waste” that they create.  

Anyway, it is a nice Summer day and Wednesday, so I will not concern myself with such things and will enjoy my day!

The moon is high in the sky, still a long way from setting.  I like to watch the moon set in the west, I may come back out and watch!

That’s it for now, Wednesday, May 30, 2018.

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