2018 Spring May 31 Thursday

69 degrees this morning, no walk, heavy thunderstorms.  Lightning, thunder heavy rain this morning.  

What is odd is my watch and the phone were showing “party cloudy” while it was pouring rain!  So, they aren’t perfect!  (They did catch up).  The weather map showed a slight dip of clouds over where we live. 

Have to mention one more unethical move by a business, unfortunately by Nest.  Ordered a “Nest” doorbell etc.  The order from said “ships overnight after processing”.  Wasn’t until the next morning, after the order, that I found “processing takes 12 days!”  12 Days!!!!!?  In today’s world, that is a generation!  Obviously I canceled the order.  

I probably will reorder, I just didn’t want the items to arrive when we didn’t expect. Checked Amazon, but I just don’t trust Amazon that much on getting the exact product I want and I don’t trust their pricing.

It isn’t the “12 days processing” that is the problem, it is their failure to mention it in their notice of the “overnight delivery!”.  

A Newsletter I read surprised me by including an apology for the lying coward lunatic pervert criminal.  While I certainly don’t agree with everything he writes, this lapse surprised me

He attempts to excuse the lying coward lunatic on the basis that “power corrupts” and the incompetent lunatic “didn’t know what he was getting into?”  

My problem with the lunatic is he is a liar, a vile, vindictive coward who can’t stand to have anyone around  but coward butt lickers who tell him how good he is.  He is a criminal who is stealing money for his company etc. without any ethical or legal restraints whatsoever.  He is destroying the country and hires career criminals like pruitt who have made a career of plundering the taxpayers for his high living and criminal activities and robot nazis like Miller who are incompetent but suck up to him.  

He is not a leader,  only attempts to pander to the lowest common racist, sexist level to try to steal votes and further divide the country. 

Anyway, the Newsletter attempts to excuse him.  However, many Presidents have made mistakes, going back to Washington.  That isn’t the point  Many Presidents have been overwhelmed by the powers of the office and the isolation from “real people” and only have  the “yes people” who tell him only what they think he wants to hear.  I can understand that.  Most  grew in the office, some didn’t.  

What the Newsletter Editor is missing is that this incompetent lying coward lunatic is a LIAR and a CROOK.   An outright LIAR who obviously has a desperate need for approval and makes  vile, lying attacks on people, organizations etc. that everyone knows is not true and that only are attempts to divide and destroy. 

What is worse is the coward elected representatives who shake in craven fear at this lying coward lunatic criminal racist pervert.    I am really ashamed at the coward elected representatives.  

I lost a lot of respect for the Newsletter Editor.  

However, in the same issue, he makes some very interesting observations about world events, China, our own government etc. and governments in general that I will discuss in later posts.  

Hopefully I will not go out and find “lava rock” all over our lawn.  I am not a landscape person by any means, but we figured we could do it better than anyone else, at least, to put it like we prefer it.  We’ll see.  

That’s it for now, Thursday, May 31, 2018.

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