2018 Spring June 1 Friday

76 degrees this morning, Walk 33:28 minutes 

Overall excellent morning for a walk, little wind, 76 degree temperature was mild in the dark, will probably be hot later as the sun rises!  Supposed to get to mid-90’s today, soon over 100 degrees.  Summer is so wonderful!

The moon is high up in the sky, won’t see it set tonight.  

I always have thought I would like to know more about Astronomy, etc. and how to read the sky, as far as the stars and planets etc.  Somehow, I just never learned about it.  

For example, I really don’t know why the moon is so high now, and other days it is setting about this time.  Sigh.  I guess if I made it a priority I could learn it, but than there is the problem of how I could use it.  

I am not very likely to have navigate a ship in the ocean or find my way across the desert by navigating by the sky.  On the other hand, if I leaned how, maybe I would do it!

Pace today was 32 seconds faster than my goal, which makes me feel good.  Maybe I will reduce my goal by 30  seconds.  

Sitting out on the patio, trying not to think that in 21 days or so, Summer will officially begin (which is great!), but it also means that the days will start to get shorter (of daylight) and I have to live through Winter again to get back to Summer!

Another reason to enjoy each day for what it is and experience the present with all that that means!

By the way,  the “lava rock” from our amateur landscaping stayed in place in spite of the heavy rain!  I feel so good when I saw there wasn’t a lot of rock in the lawn!

We are trying to do it ourselves, by looking at instructions on the internet etc.  It is one of those cases where we know we aren’t professionals and, no, it really isn’t really worth our time to do it ourselves, but the likelihood of getting someone to do it the way we want it done is slim.  

If we could find someone who really cared about the work and would listen to what we want, we would hire it  done.  While obviously cost is a concern, within reason we don’t mind paying for work done well, it deserves to be compensated.   What we don’t want is someone who just wants to make some money and has no concern for their creation 

Perhaps that the the key to any job, no matter what you do, that you take pride in your creation, even if it is temporary, and not aren’t just concerned with the money.

I think that is the key in a lot of cases, the simple pride in doing a good job. Fortunately  I think, from my experience, it is a trait most people have to some degree.  Sometimes incompetent supervisors etc. stomp it out, but most people still express pride in their work.

I know, I was surprised (and somewhat ashamed of my surprise), when someone mentioned they liked to cook because each item was a work of art.  Very true, and it really changed my thinking on this aspect.  Temporary art is still art and lives in our memories and experiences as much as “permanent” art or items. 

Amazing how sometimes a chance remark, comment or quote can have such an impact on your life.

Haven’t eaten any meat yet, although I have been “open” to it since Monday, May 28.  Just really haven’t had the desire.  Probably sometime this weekend, maybe next week.  Or maybe not. 

That’s it for now, Friday, June 1, 2018. 

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