2018 Spring June 2 Saturday

81 degrees this morning , Walk 33:44 minutes

Wind up a lot this morning.  While there wasn’t a lot of coolness in the air, when the wind blew, it was almost cool, even with the 81 degree temperature.

I think it was almost a muggy feeling rather than the heat.  Even 81 degrees in the dark isn’t that hot.  

I understand it is supposed to get to a 100 or more this week!  Summer is here!  Actually true Summer is about 19 days away, but I love this period when it is really Summer and the days keep getting longer.  

Sitting out on the patio, the wind is up and I an feel the coolness in the wind.  

Pace was 28 seconds faster than my goal, which is great.  Soon I may adjust my goal to 30 seconds faster, although it may be better to reduce it a minute (to a “permanent goal”), even if I never actually meet the goal.

Another weekend has started, the valuable Summer weekends.  

June 2, marks 3 years 11 months since we moved to this area and 3 years 9 months in my current job.  Time goes fast.  In a month it will be 4 years.  

Somehow, 4 years has an air of permanence in it.  Perhaps it is that high school is normally measured in 4 years (at least when I went school) a BA degree is normally 4 years, and military enlistments are 4 years. 

Of course, these all measure change after four years,  not permanence, so I guess I don’t have a point after-all about 4 years indicating permanence!  

One fo the problems with free-flow of thought writing!  

The moon is way back of my shoulder this morning, whereas a few days ago about this time it was setting?  I’ll never understand how that works!  Right now instead of setting, the moon looks like it hasn’t even reached it’s zenith to start coming down again.  

Zenith, a word (or product) I haven’t thought of for a long time.  I guess the brand isn’t around anymore.  Along with a a lot of others. 

Another dream:

Friday June 1, 2018

Dreamed in some kind of resort hotel, apparently attending a conference or convention. 

I dreamed Aliene and I were there and going to the conference, or whatever it was.

I got in a hurry and left and forgot my badge and information i needed for the conference.

We had to turn around and take the shuttle back, I was upset and concerned I couldn’t even get on the shuttle or get in since I din’t have my badge.  

We left and my daughter, who was with us, (and in the dream still a teenager) said she had been embarrassed by having to leave and go back without checking out anything (which didn’t make sense, but it was a dream)]

Woke, up. Although the dream didn’t really make ay senses, I decided to write it down so I can ponder it.

Maybe I am forgetting something and the dream is trying to  tell me something, or maybe not.

That’s it for now, Saturday, June 2, 2018.

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