2018 Strping June 3 Sunday

68 degrees this morning, Walk 34:24 minute

A little difficult to decide how to dress this morning for my walk.  Obviously it was not going to be warm, but I won’t sure how cold it would feel either, since I had gotten used to the mid-70’s already!

Finally I settled on a long sleeve jersey, not too heavy and wore a neck deal over my mouth.  Worked ok.

Pace was 18 seconds faster than my goal, which was good, but it was a little slower than it has been.  

Writing this a little “under the gun” so to speak.  I apparently forgot to plug my MacBook Air (which I write this on) and so I am operating under a very limited battery capacity.  (about 11 % right now).  That will keep me moving1

Sitting outside this morning, moon way over my back.  A little too cool, probably won’t stay out here long.  

Started seriously working on “Evernote” yesterday.  I decided I needed to look at it and try to really learn how to use it. 

I had neglected to put a dental appointment on my calendar, and while I thought about it and realized it was coming up, I decided I needed a better system.

What I like about “Evernote”, like Apple Notes, is that you can just throw the idea etc. in there and always find it later.  Using a default Notebook for all entries, I can follow up on all ideas, notes, calls etc.  

I have had Evernote for longer than I care to admit, just sitting there waiting for me to do something with it.  

Actually I have used it quite a bit over the years, it’s not entirely wasted.  It is just that I didn’t use even close to it’s full capacity and probably never will.  

I am amazed a the capacity of what you can do with Evernote, it seems to be difficult to follow through on the full capacity. 

Most programs are like that, it was just that I knew Evernote has a lot of valuable techniques, just waiting for me to use them.  

I am starting out with small steps and won’t try to eat the entire elephant with one bite, so to speak.  

Birds are starting to chirp again, with many chiming in.  I decided I need to go in, just a little too chilly out on the patio for me

That’s it for now , Sunday, June 3,  2018.

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