2018 Spring June 4 2018


66 degrees this morning Walk 34:14 minuteDressing for 66 degrees is difficult, since you can’t really picture how the temperature will be.  Generally guessed  correctly, good morning for a walk.  

Forgot to mention yesterday, during my walk, a large dog adopted me and walked with me for awhile.  By the time I saw it, it would have have a chance to do it’s thing with me if it had wanted to! 

It was actually ht size of a small deer, so I am glad it was reasonably friendly!  It walked with me for about half the time and then apparently took off for home.  

I need to ponder a little on the Newsletter I recently mentioned.  He has a name (that is very appropriate) for many parts of the world where political instability is the norm.  

As he points out, one of the major problems is the “artificial”  boundaries of many countries.  The boundaries were drawn by other nations (in many cases) and completely ignore the historical, religious and cultural history of the area.

In many cases, the boundaries almost insured the county would fail or could only result in a despot or descent into complete chaos.  

While I was aware of this, it is more an extent than I realized.  According to the newsletter, there are something like 10,000+ “natural” nations (he calls them “tribal nations”) that were forced into 206 nations.  

He pointes out the areas were chaos is “normal” and notes that the lying coward lunatic and his gang of criminals and incompetents (obviously my term not his) will find a reason to “justify” US involvement, if nothing else to pay off his donors and lobbyists and provide another means for them to rip off tax dollars  

He doesn’t go into an answer to the problem, and I expect it is because there is no real answer, at least not in the traditional sense.  

He was trying to point out the investing opportunities, as well as the extreme dangers created by the problem of “tribal nations”.  

While he is writing primarily about the one continent, the same problem is smoldering in a lot of areas.

I really haven’t seen any “answers” to this problem.   In most cases, supporting the states quo appears to be the technique to cover up the situation and “kick the can down the road” to the future to avoid the current political and economic cost of a solution

Of course, the lying coward lunatic is already “selling the future” with the “tax cuts” funded by a huge deficit for his donors and lobbyists at the expense of the low and moderate income citizens.  Apparently an attempt to buy the election, as well as pay off his donors and lobbyists and insure they would “donate” money.  

Pondering how to re-enter the world of eating meat.  I still don’t have any big desire to eat meat, I just feel I need to eat more meat and less carbs, especially “fast carbs”.  Probably will start with some light fish or chicken.  Don’t know when I will start again, probably in he next week or so.  

That’s it for now, Monday, June 4, 2018.

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