2018 Spring June 5 Tuesday

71 degrees this morning, no walk (schedule)

Coolish tinge to the air this morning.

I had a message pop up on my MacBook Air this morning to “schedule battery maintenance”.  I can only assume that means the battery will soon need replacement, a not inconsiderable  cost, something in the area of 20% of the cost of a new MacBook Air.

That seems like a good idea, until I consider that this computer is approaching 5 years old, which is obsolete in computer years.  

Regardless, I think when you consider the uses of the computer, the decision to replace the battery is probably the best option.  At the least, it will extend the life of the computer and allow me to replace it with a more advanced model than I could purchase now.

Also, I really need to consider the fact that Apple still doesn’t have touchscreen on its’ computers, and I really have to think about whether I want to buy a laptop without a touch screen.  I am trying to balance the convenience of a touch screen, with the inconvenience of being outside of the Apple operating system.

So far the inconvenience of being outside of the Apply operating system is much worse than any convenience of a touch screen!  

I have to feel the current federal government administration, including the congress, have lost all touch with reality in the greed for more money and power.  Endorsing or supporting a delusional lying coward racist  lunatic as he attempts to become king or dictator or whatever is absolutely insanity and cowardice.

I know (and I hope shortly), people will look back on this and wonder “what in the world was I/they thinking” to support this lying delusional coward racist lunatic.  

Hopefully democracy will assert itself the the criminals and cowards will be ousted.

Working on Evernote, I am beginning to gradually learn to use it.  I am concentrating on actions I take on a daily basis so hopefully I will use it on a daily basis without even consciously thinking of remembering to check etc.  Somewhat how I use “notes” or e-mail now. 

I find I learn best when I define what I what to do first and then use the program/app (Evernote, work processing, spreadsheet etc.) to do what I need to have done.  

This is opposed to just trying to “learn the program” if that makes any sense.  There may be a lot of the program or app I never use or even aware of, but I don’t have any use for it, why learn it?

Of course, my thinking sometimes is that if I don’t learn it, I won’t know it is there, but as long as I have a general idea of what an app/program can do, I feel I know enough to try to utilize the program.

As an example, I wanted to “dump ideas” into something so I wouldn’t have to carry around notes etc.  I found Evernote is excellent for this.  I simply “dump” the idea or task I need to do, and Evernote remembers it.  I don’t even need to click “save”!  Of course, I generally know Evernote would do this, I just hadn’t set down and figured it out.

I also have it e-mail me my “memory” each morning so I can check anything I haven’t done.  I also can schedule reminders throughout the day.  

I know other programs will do the same (Apple Calendar etc.) and I still use them, but Evernote will remind me of anything, not just appointments.  

I think there is a trade-off between the “learning curve” and the value of a program, something you unfortunately only learn with experience!

That’s it for now, Tuesday, June 5, 2018.

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