2018 Spring June 6 Wednesday

65 degrees this morning. (74 degrees) 

Today is the day before June 7, which is our wedding anniversary!  We actually had a lot of fun both the day before (where we literally danced in the streets after the Dinner) and the day of the wedding.  21 years has passed fast!

When traveling, you have to wonder where all the vehicles are coming from and where they are going!  

The truly vast number of cars is amazing when you think there are 4 to 6 lanes of traffic  both ways that is completely full several hours per day and busy all the time. 

Concerning “on-line” newspapers and magazines, I have found I am much more likely to forget to read on-line newspapers and magazines than I am to forget to read physical newspapers and magazines.  

Time goes by and somehow I just never find the time to read an on-line newspaper, while a physical newspaper staring me in the face is a reminder that I haven’t read it.  

A possible exception is the on-line newspapers I read on my iPhone, such as the Washington Post that has an excellent app for the iPhone (actually better than the computer version).  

I noted today that Apple again was saying that they won’t have “touch screens” because it is “too tiring” to lift your hands to the screen?  What do you do with iPads and iPhones?

Anyway, I really need to rethink if I am going to continue to purchase Apple devices, I may just start switching to Google and/or Microsoft.  

I really resent the attitude by Apple that they know what we want and we’ll buy anything they put out. Siri is an example of such thinking, obviously the worst of the “assistants”.  

I’ll have to decide if the advantages of Apple outweigh such attitudes. I am checking to see if it is possible to integrate Google laptops into Apple services. The attitude of Apple on “touch screens” is really irritating and I feel reflects in some of the deficiencies of their products.  

Watching the news about the so called president, I have to really wonder how this lying, coward, delusional racist lunatic isn’t impeached immediately for his lunatic juvenile actions.  A real delusional clown.  Hopefully the cowards in congress will develop some courage and impeach this criminal or at least quit enabling his lunatic juvenile actions and his criminal activities.  

He is an irrational juvenile lunatic to say the least.  His lying tweets, his cowardly attacks on his own appointees and his gross lies are unbelievable.

One thing, i am saving a lot of time, since we no longer watch the Sunday morning shows and I turn the channel when I see his lying pig face on tv or his whining, juvenile, lying voice on radio.  

I also don’t waste time reading any stories about him, he is such a lying coward racist lunatic.  Hopefully he will be impeached and jailed soon.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, June 6, 2018.

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