2018 Spring June 7 Thursday

70 (78) degrees this morning.  

Happy Anniversary to Aliene and I!  21 years today, and there really isn’t a moment that I know I did marry the right woman!  Sometimes I just get lucky, real lucky!  

Also, I look back and am glad of my careers, my first career and my second career!  Both are very satisfying in their own way.  

I find myself at times trying to hold my claustrophobia in check.  I have learned to just breathe deep and think “this will pass”.  It comes up in strange places.  

Several years ago, I was at a conference and about 20 people were having dinner.  I was sitting in the middle of about 10 people sitting on a bench with a large table in front and a wall in back.  I hadn’t expected it and my heart beat and I was getting feelings of panic at sitting so restrained.  

I managed to make it through the dinner without making a fool of myself (such is standing up and walking down the table to get a sense of freedom!), but I also swore I”d never get in such a situation again, no matter how stupid or irrational I may look in avoiding such a situation.

The worse plane ride I ever took was on a Delta flight where I was in the seat (probably a middle seat) with a very low ceiling and the seat in front very close.  I really had a hard time making it through the flight and I learned to just breathe deep and think the it soon would be over.

Yesterday we were caught in traffic and literally stopped (and than short “go’s” for about an hour and a half, with large trucks on either side. It was very hard for me to keep calm, but I believe I managed.  

A lot of the panic of getting caught in traffic is simply not knowing how long, what it is etc. and absolutely no way of getting out.  Fortunately I had gotten to the outer lane, if nothing else if I really panic I can hit the shoulder! 

Of course, you also have the problem of what do you do if you have to go to the bathroom, run out of gas etc.  

Sometimes I think “Hell” is probably getting caught in traffic for eternity!  I guess everyone has their own concept of what “Hell” would be like!  

I don’t have a major case of claustrophobia, but it seems to crop up on weird situations, where I don’t have control over something and I can’t get out of the situation, or at least don’t feel I can.  Or anytime I feel restrained.  At least I do have the ability to know how to react to at least not lead to absolute panic.  

While I don’t like to use the analogy, I can’t even imagine the terror of being in handcuffs or in prison!  It would be my worst nightmare in more ways than one!  

For some reason, my Apple watch thinks it is in one city (normally, the GPS tells me which city I am in, even if it is only between suburbs).  I called Apple and they advised they will find a solution no matter what!  

In the past, it has been my fault, or at least my action, such as having the phone in “airplane mode”, having it on “do not disturb” or accidentally  putting a file into another file.  

In the worst case, I had a “case” for my MacBook Air that had a magnet.  When I used is on my lap to hold my computer, it shut the computer off.  Apple literally replaced the internal parts of my computer and were going to replace my computer until I discovered that it happened only when it was on the magnetic part!  I never had the problem again.  I felt a little guilty about that one, but I really didn’t know!  

I really do enjoy the thoughts of the last 21 years.  Marrying Aliene was one of the best decisions I have ever made!

That’s it for now, Thursday, June 7, 2018.

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