2018 Spring June 8 Friday

69 degrees (67) this morning.  No walk, schedule 

Thunderstorms yesterday at home, with street flooding.  Can’s say I”m sorry I missed it, but you always worry about it!.

As I mentioned, what seems like a major problem sometimes has a simple solution.

My Apply watch seemed stuck on one area.  The day before I discussed this with Apple support, a very helpful person, but we couldn’t find a solution.  Finally we agreed I would update the watch (4.3 to 4.31, so hardly a major upgrade) and they would call back. 

Anyway, another support person called back last night, and after one question, the problem was solved.  Somehow I had set the “default location” to a specific area, instead of making the “default location” my “current location”.

So simple, and makes so much sense the I would never have thought of it!  Anyway, it is fixed and I have a little more knowledge of how my watch works!

On the other hand, there is T-mobile.  As I mentioned, I switched to T-Mobile after ATT tried some tricks on pricing etc. and disgusted me.

While I haven’t gotten my paper bill from T-mobile yet (I never opt for paperless billing), I looked up my bill on the internet. 

I was stunned at the outright lies I had been told.  As an example on, my iPad was supposed to be $20, it was $25, my watch was supposed to be $10, it was $15.  $5 may not be a great amount, but if I was told $20 it should be $20, not $25!  

There were about $70 in suspicious fees and charges that had no relationship to what we discussed.

Furthermore, now the iPad was $75 per month! with a $50 discount.  I had been told it was $20 per month, not $75 with some “discount”. 

I literally spent one hour and 15 minutes on the phone with a T-Mobile representative, (with long times on hold while he “discussed it with a colleague” who finally agreed the iPad should be $20 and the watch $10 (small victories).  

Then he turned me over to his “Supervisor”, who started some slimy tricks obviously intent on confusing me while recording the conversation.  I just hung up.  

They were worse than a used car salesperson is supposed to be.  

Basically they were attempting to tell me that there were “extra line” charges they were never specific as to what for). I decided I’d just take the paper bill into where I bought the T-Mobile plan and ask them to explain why all the extra charges. Harder to lie in person.

We had a nice Anniversary.  (I felt a little guilty at spending an hour and 1/2 on the phone with T-Mobile n my Anniversary, but then Aliene is an understanding person and knows how irritated I get at attempts to cheat us).

Still haven’t eaten any meat.  As I mentioned, I have been “open”  to it since May 30, I just don’t really have any desire to eat it.  I’ll maybe do eat some soon, maybe not.  No reason to start eating meat just to be eating meat, but it is so hard to avoid a high intake of carbs.  

That’s it for now, Friday, June 8, 2018.  2018

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