2018 Spring June 9 Saturday

70 degrees this morning (74 degrees) No walk, but probably will swim

As I frequently note, time goes fast. Hard to believe it is already June 9, 2018!  

Concerning the recent death of Kate Spade, while I really don’t know that much about women’s purse’s etc.  for some reason the name and design of many of Kate Spade’s products caught my attention.  

I don’t know what they were known for, but my impression is they were simple, but  also elegant in their own way.

My only really close contact with one of her products is actually a cell phone case that Aliene bought for one of her cell phones.  I always liked it.  It is simply red and white stripes, but somehow I always thought it came across as simple and elegant, but also very professional.

Actually, we repurposed the phone and now use the phone now as my “walking audiobook/music”, but it still has the case and I admire it every time I use it.  

I really didn’t know “Kate Spade” was an actual person, I think I assumed it was a brand name.  It’s really not something I thought about until I read about her death.  

Otherwise, I do remember seeing the name “Kate Spade” on purses, etc. and always thought they looked elegant and professional.  

I never know why I react positive to some brand names and not to others.  I’m sure there is some rhyme or reason.

Same with commercials, some actors in commercials I instantly like, others I instantly dislike and it probably translates to the underlying product.  Others I like or dislike over time!

Going to the “Hot Wheels Legend Tour” this morning.  I’m not really quite sure why I am going, except perhaps it is there, and I have this lifelong attraction to Hot Wheels and toy cars.  There are only 15 “stops” so I am lucky I can go.

The “Legends Tour” is a show of “life size” cars of some of the best selling Hot Wheels cars in the past 50 years.  They also will select one entry at each location to be in the finals to make a “real” Hot Wheels replica of an actual car!  They emphasize “it has to be made, not bought!”.

Anyway it should be fun!  

I read about a Hot Wheels Collector who has 3,500 Hot Wheels worth about 1.5 million dollars!  I really wanted to see the story about that because I can’t imagine how even 3,500 Hot Wheels cars could be worth that much.  I figure he started early and concentrated on specific special models etc.

I don’t know how many Hot Wheels cars I have, but eventually I will have pictures of all of them and have  a count.  I just pick up  the ones I like for under a  dollar, so that really aren’t worth anything except to me (and our  Children, Grandchildren-in the past and now our Great Grandchildren who love to play with them!)  

Actually I am proceeding with the pictures very slowly.  I am up to 106 cars and I really am not ever started.  I think I need set a deadline of so many cars per week or something.  I just really haven’t quite got the lighting right or the way to take a decent picture of each car, but I keep trying.  

I am going to start taking pictures of my hats and t-shirts.  I think I am just going to take a “selfie” of myself with them on.  That way, I can also tract myself losing weight!  I have gained weight since I quit eating meat, and know I have to go on a low carb, or probably the Keto eating pattern soon.

That’s it for now, Saturday, June 9, 2018.

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