2018 Spring June 10 Sunday

75 degrees this morning, thunderstorm coming in (75 degrees)

Went to the “Hot Wheels Legends Tour”.  As you may expect from Walmart, it was a chintzy presentation.  I was glad I went, but I really thought the “Hot Wheels replicas” (the full size Hot Wheels) would be better defined as opposed to the entries in the contest to have a “Hot Wheels” model made.

As I mentioned, as you would expect from Walmart, somehow they manage to “cheap it” to the max instead of doing something right.  

It is really strange, spend a lot of money to put on a show like this , and then manage to be chintzy and not take advantage of the huge crowd that came!  They really “waste dollars to save pennies”.

Won’t go into detail here, it would take to long to explain, but if Walmart was  hoping to gain good publicity, they certainly blew the opportunity.

I am not a Walmart hater, I actually have fairly positive feelings about Walmart and shop there, I especially like the “Neighborhood Centers”.  This experience won’t change anything, but it makes me wonder about Walmart and their common sense.

I have been watching “Bosch” as my “lunch time/leisure time” watching.  During our vacation I have been watching it more, trying not to feel guilty about other “relevant” things I could be doing, like learning Evernote, or getting some other “Round tu it’s” done. 

I guess I shouldn’t feel guilty about doing something that is just enjoyable for it’s own sake.

Actually “Bosch” is an excellent series, very much in tune with the books.  

Going to see some friends today that we haven’t seen some time.  They are the type friends that we see each other only occasionally now, but when we get together it is like time reverts back to when we got together on a regular basis.

Our annual family reunion is coming up.  We always look forward to seeing everyone who comes and catching up with the news and just experience the chance to visit.  

Our CMA Fest (Country Music Festival) experience this year is basically over.  It has been a different experience from past years, but we enjoyed it, and I’m not sure we didn’t enjoy it more, even though we didn’t see the “big stars” we usually see since we decided not to go the nightly concerts where they play.

We believe this is our 14th CMA Fest or so (I really need to check my journals and see when our first one was).  There have been some big changes, huge increase in crowds etc. 

The evening concerts (where the big stars play)  had always been a lot of fun, but the last 3 years or so, we got tired of the drunks, the people who insist on “dancing” and blocking your view and standing up all the time etc.  We actually enjoyed the fact we had no specific events we “had” to go to, we could just float and go to the ones we wanted.  

We didn’t see a lot of “stars”, but we saw a lot of good music and, in a way, found the experience of watching some of the singers/songwriters etc. who are working at advancing rather satisfying and interesting.  We also saw some of the once big stars who how are performing for pleasure rather than the big crowds and it feels good to be part of recognizing their past accomplishments.  

As usual, we meet a number of songwriters or singers who are working at Lyft driving, serving in restaurants etc to support their true profession of songwriter/singer until they break through and can make their living off of what they love doing!  We always wish them well.  

That’s it for now, Sunday, June 10, 2018. 

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